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Must Read: In The House Of God - Season 1 - Episode 61
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We were shocked and we quickly stood up and saw her looking at us.

Lady: what are you guys still doing here, we’ve close already.

Me: we are sorry ma.
Lady: take your love play outside, this is the house of God.

Me: okay ma.

We both walk out of the church with our heads down,.

Edna: that was scary i thought it was Tina.
Me: so you were scared?
Ed: of course na, what about you?
Me: hmmm yeah maybe a little.

Ed: ha, i don’t want any trouble now oh lets just respect ourself, and if she find out that we have something, she won’t take it easy.

Me: yeah, she just return and i should be more loving not hurting her.

Ed: yes, and me and you we don’t have anything, is that clear?

Me: yes ma.
Ed: good boy.

We came out of the street and walk to suya joint, i don’t have any money with me and i really want some suya meat..

Me: Edna do you have some change with you.
Ed: i guess we are thinking the same thing.
Me: same thing like?

Ed: suya na, is it not suya you want to buy with the money?

Me: yeah.
Edna: okay lets go and buy.
she hold my right hand arm and walk me to the aboki, we bought 400 naira suya and package them on same nylon, we walk back to our street and when we get to the church again, we stop and sat in the front
of the church close to the gutter, we relaxed there and open our suya and started eating.

Me: just like old time.
Ed: you know even with all the bad things that has been going on my best memory is when we were in Auchi fighting for that suya.

Me: really?
Ed: yes, i think about it everyday.
Me: hahaha that’s great.
Ed: i wish we can go to the ocean together to see the waterfall.

Me: hmmm you have a big dream.
Ed: yes oh, to see a big ocean with waterfall is what i want before i die.

Me: oh well maybe we can visit one together, what do you think?

Ed: when Tina is around? That’s just an honest illusion (kelly chibueze, 2016).

Me: oh well is not bad to dream na, i promise you after the battle i will take you to a waterfall.

Ed: don’t promise what you can’t keep.
Me: i mean it, i love you.

Ed: are you serious with Tina back?
Me: come on, i do like Tina but i didn’t fall in love with her, i think she took advantage of me and before i knew it i was already deep
inside and can’t go back, but as for you, i fell in love with you normally.

Ed: don’t let Tina hear you say all that.
Me: but that’s the truth.

Ed: i hope it not because if it is i will leave you.
Me: you can’t do that.

Ed: i mean it, i will pack and leave.
Me: and go where?

Ed: anywhere, i have money remember.
Me: you have money then bye bye now go to the ocean.

Ed: (her phone started ringing) Tina is calling, lets start going.
Me: okay.
we stood up and started walking home quietly while still eating the suya, as we were walking we started hearing police
siren coming towards us and they are getting closer, me and Edna ran to one building and
hide at the side of the building so that the police won’t see us.

After they left we came out and continue walking with haste this time.

Me: do you think we will be able to park out today with them patroling?
Edna: we have to because surely the gangs are coming back tomorrow.
we get home and surprise to Tina with…

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