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Must Read: In The House Of God - Season 1 - Episode 60
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Four people were killed by the gangs, they were definitely looking for me seriously, they first attack our base in port now they came to my house, i think its time we start our own.
Tina: how did this happen, how did they even know we live here?

Edna: i seriously don’t know.
I was sitting on the chair while they continue panting up and down thinking what to do.

Me: is the house ready now?
Edna: yes we are moving in this night.
Me: good, how does it look like?
Edna: just a bungalow.

Me: good at least i can start practicing there.
Tina: you said you called Gaga?

Me: yes, the nobody was switched off.
Tina: she can’t be dead, she’s a strong woman.

Me: yeah but not a bulletproof.

Edna: yeah am not a bulletproof too.
Me: you got lucky, don’t use yourself to judge another person.

Tina: i have a feeling she’s alive.
Me: okay oh, meanwhile am going to church.
Edna: to do what?

Me: to pray of course.
Edna: since when?

Me: since I was nearly killed today.
Edna: I even forgot you are a Christian.
Me: thank you, you don’t need to remember before.

Edna: we are leaving by seven, you can’t go out now.

Me: what? since i came here i have never step a foot out of this building, that’s how you guys left me here and i almost got killed.
Tina: you can go.
Edna: what.

Tina: yeah let him go and you should follow him too.

Edna: this is really a bad idea.
Me: for you oh,.
i didn’t mind her again as i stood up and took my phone and gun, i think about it a little and then i drop the gun and open the door, i

came out of the hotel, there is one church i saw close to this place the other day, an anglican church, i started walking towards the place i saw it, as i was going rain started falling and then my body started
shivering, it was dark already and i suppose to be getting ready to move to the new house but instead i tend to see God first, it been
long i pray to God and come to think of it everything started in an anglican church with me and mabel the innocent girl, who would thought a nice girl like that will be a cultist, she look innocent and nobody will never believe it, she’s beautiful of course i know that’s why i fell in love with her, that’s why they left us alone in the church the other time, how can i be this stupid, the handwriting was written all over the wall already but i never saw it, i was so blinded with love and revenge that i fail to see what is in front of me, now people are dying because of me.

I walk to the big anglican church, i saw people leaving already maybe they just finish revival because today is wednesday and i remember we use to hold revival every wednesday, i walk inside the big church and
sat in front of the altar, i was sitting down and looking at the cross on the altar, i have sin alot in that am even ashame to mention God’s name because i believe he won’t listen to me again, even though he won’t
listen or do anything for me at least he should keep my family save, that is all i ask for.

I was sitting alone when somebody in raincoat walk in and sat beside me.

Me: how did you know i was here?
Ed: this is the only anglican in this area.
Me: what do you want?

Ed: i was ordered to follow you.
Me: i thought you won’t come.
Ed: even though she didn’t tell me to i would have come anyway.
i turn my face and look at her, then i move my mouth closer to her and kiss her, she quickly withdraw her mouth.

Ed: your love is back now.
Me: what if i don’t love her anymore and its you i now love.
she look me very deeply and then hold my head closer and continue the kiss,
we were so into the kiss that we didn’t know when she walked in.”what are you doing?”.

Oh God…….

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