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Must Read: In The House Of God - Season 1 - Episode 59
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I was all alone in the hotel licking my orange, Edna and Tina have gone out, i was watching TV when i saw on the news that Uniport base
was hit, some gang men enter Lady Gaga’s crip and start shooting sporadically, many people were killed but i don’t know if Lady Gaga survive, i was like wtf, i quickly took my phone and call their base nobody pick, oh men those guys they vex, and i believe they were looking for me that’s why they went there and kill them oh, i just hope Lady Gaga survive the clash sha.

Tina and Edna went out to check the new apartment they got for us while i remain indoor eating and enjoying, i wanted to follow them but they refuse saying the city is not yet safe for now and that i should remain indoor, i can walk around now even though i still feel some pains but not like before, i told my mum am working with my friends as trailer driver so am not always around meaning she can’t come to see me and i can’t come to see her, it was a perfect lie and i did it for her
anyway, i don’t want her involve in all of this.
I went to the bathroom to ease myself in the evening when i heard gunshots from outside, i quickly came and look down the building,
there i saw men on black carrying Ak-47, three security men are already lying on the ground lifeless, they didn’t waste time as they rush inside the hotel and started shooting anyhow, i took my phone and

a gun under the bed, there is no how i can escape through the door because two guys are standing on the hotel gate while the other five swam inside the hotel, without been told i know they are looking for me so i open
my door and started running to the top of the building, while running i took my phone and place a call to Tina telling her they are here, she told me to stay put that she’s on her way now.

Me: no no no, don’t come, just call the police.
Tina: Edna is calling the police right now.
i cut the call and continue running to the top of the building, i stop running when i heard a gunshot coming from there I wonder how they manage to get there so fast, i ran back to my room and close the door, but how did they manage to get to the top so quickly? as i enter my room i open my window gently so that those guys on the ground won’t see me, as i open the window of the hotel from the
eight story building i went to my room and took a long rope, i tie one edge to my waist and the other edge to a big table, i quickly went to the window and climb it, i look down and it was like i will fall any
moment from now, i put my leg on the window and started climbing down
carefully, i climb to the next room and stand on the air condition, i carefully open the window of the other room and climb it down, as i enter everywhere was quiet, i walk to the door, i eavesdrop and heard the noise coming out from the top of the building meaning they are inside my room now, i quickly lose the rope from my waist and throw it down so that they will think that i climb down already, i walk back to the door with my gun and then i
started hearing their noise coming down again, they pass the room i hide and continue going down, that was when i heard the siren of police car and then i breath a sign of relief, i went to the window to look and then there was no sign of them again, i ran back to my room and remove the rope and hide my gun.

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