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Must Read: In The House Of God - Season 1 - Episode 57
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Edna: you mean Lady gaga and her gangs.
Me: yeah, they were nice to me before.
Edna: they were nice to you because they thought Tina was dead and the
only way they can be in control is to be nice to you.

Me: but they will still help us na.

Tina: they will but not exactly how we want it.
Tina: Edna i think we should stay here.
Edna: why?

Tina: because we don’t want to put our gang there in trouble too, we will stay here and avenge our sisters one by one when its time for the real battle we will call our gang from Edo and also send message to lady Gaga.

Edna: and what exactly are going to be doing here?

Tina: Ozila will return to his sister’s shop and continue his act as
if nothing happen while we will be monitoring the situation here and also building strong empire, when everything is ready we will call our gang.

Me: sound like a good plan but me gaan am not going back to my sister because
police are looking for me and also i don’t want to put my sister in harms way.

Tina: relax nothing will happen we will take care of it.

Me: no am not going back to ozuboko, that’s final.

Edna: you don’t want to go Edo, you don’t want Ozuboko too, what really
do you want?
Me: i just want to stand up and take my gun and burst mabel’s head.

Tina: you will but not now, as it stand now they have the upper hand.
Me: i thought you went to look for a hotel?
Edna: yeah.
Me: so?

Edna: i found one and it cool and private.

Me: good so can we go there now?
Edna: no till night, we don’t want eyes on us while we walk.
Me: okay.

Tina: we will stay in the hotel for the time being till we find our feet again.
Me: you mean till i find my feet.

Tina: i told you three days ago i was in a coma, am yet to recover fully.

Me: oh yeah, we all are down with no strength at all.

Edna: am not down yet.
We remain in the hut till nightfall when everywhere was dark, they took me up and walk me down the road to where our Tina Toyota van is, they opened the door and assist me in, after I enter the car Edna went back to get her bike while Tina sat on the drivers sit and start the car, we drove out of the forest and leave the place dusty, we enter into main road were the city light is shinning all over the town, on our way many police van pass us with their siren and noises everywhere, everybody were in haste is like there is commotion everywhere, we drop by one mall and Edna bought a walking stick for me
saying i should manage it till i gain my strength back, Tina followed Edna’s bike to the hotel that was very big and high with
fence everywhere, i like it already.

I think the hotel is located in airforce road in Portharcourt, we horn and the security men open the door for us, we enter inside and park
the van, i think this is another van because this one is black and huge unlike the other one.

We came down and walk to the hotel, we walk pass everybody not minding them greeting us or not, Edna took us to the top of the building before she later open one door by the left, we enter inside and everything looks expensive, with a nice view to the city.
Me: this place is cool.

Tina: yeah but i don’t like it.
Edna and Me: why?

Tina: the security is too tight and incase anything happen there is no way we will escape.

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