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Must Read: In The House Of God - Season 1 - Episode 56
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Tina: see dear, i know you want revenge but trust me the biggest way you can do it is to calm and let everything die, then when you are done with school we will rise again from the dust to avenge our friends, they are my friends too and i love them equally but think
about it, you thought i was dead and went on killing spree only to later find out that am alive,.

Me: i know all this, how can i focus on study when my mind is else where, it doesn’t work that way, i know you are trying to protect me by letting me go so that you will go fight them alone, but trust me driving me away is the worst thing for you to do now.

Tina: the battle is mine not yours.

Me: you made it mine too when you made me to fall in love with you.

Tina: so you want to fight?
Me: of course i want to fight, and i will with or without your permission.
Tina: then you should get better first.
Me: yeah.

Tina: and you must obey all my commands.
Me: of course i will.

Tina: good, Edna will be back any moment from now.

Me: why are we staying in a hut?
Tina: the police are everywhere searching for us, they almost got us
on our way here.

Me: so when are we leaving this place?
Tina: i send Edna to go look for a hotel for us inside port Harcourt city, we have to wait till
she return.

Me: okay then, so which hospital did they take you to?

Tina: General Hospital Irua.

Me: how did you get there?

Tina: a good samaritan took me from the place we separated and took me
to a hospital, they transfer me from Afuze to Irua where they put me on oxygen.

Me: waoh, who is the good samaritan?
Tina: i don’t know, the person just drop me in Afuze hospital and leave.

Me: do you think it might be one of them?
Tina: i don’t think so because the hospital said the person look like a farmer.
Me: God will bless him for me.

Tina: yeah, i think i heard a bike outside, let me go check.

Me: becareful.

She left me alone in the small hut and as she left i started thinking about what she said, who is that good samaritan? Whoever he is he will remain blessed for helping my love, yes i called her my love because i still love her i think.

She came back with sad Edna, and when i saw her i was sad too.

Me: Edna.
Ed: Ozila.

Me: am really sorry.
Ed: about what? (sitting close to me).
Me: about cath and steph.

Ed: forget them, they knew what they signup for and we should be happy that you are alive and Tina too.

Me: they did everything for me, we should honour them.

Edna: there is no way, we that we are alive we can’t even move around freely in the city not to talk of honouring two dead people.

Tina: Ozila the police are looking for us and also Jack and Mabel are looking for us too, so tell me how can we be able to honour them?
Me: hmmmm, i thought we are one body?

Edna: yes, am not saying we won’t honour them we will but not now, as it is now our priority should be getting out of port.

Me: why? Leave port and go where?
Edna: back to Edo state, that’s the only place we have power.

Tina: yes, we have strong base there.
Me: no, we will stay here and fight, we have base here too and they will be willing to help

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