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Added: Jul 10, 2017
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Must Read: Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba
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“Sammy get injury oh!”
Kelvin informed me as we stood in the queue waiting to collect our discharge certificate. “which injury na?” i inquired. “oboy eeeh! Suliet want make him wire her well well and Sammy don tayah, naso dem begin fight oh, naso the girl carry bottle break for Sammy head” Kelvin narrated. “why na? So that girl be agbero wey dey break bottle for person head?” I said. “e good for Sammy na, bcos na after she break the bottle for him head nahim the l’ove portion clear comot for him eye” Kelvin said.

[B] “What of Angom na?”
i inquired. “him dey here na, u never see am? Him pay hospital money for some of the people wey chop the poison beans, so Police com release am yesterday. Dat guy don broke die, na me give am the transport money wey him take come here sef” Kelvin added. “e good for am, shebi nahim sabi save money pass, now him go go back to Benue with no money, all the thing wey him plan to do him no go do am, me i get like 300k for my account now” i said.

“how u go take do those your things wey burn na?” i asked Kelvin. “oboy na only my statement of result be the only original wey burn, the rest na photocopy.

But i go go back to my sch go collect another statement of result”
Kelvin said. Just then, i sighted Sammy trying to find his way through the crowd to come meet us.
“how far Sammy?” i said shaking hands with him. “i dey oh, i don collect my discharge certificate oh, una never collect?” Sammy said. “We never collect oh, but our turn don dey reach” Kelvin said. Just then, i saw the big sticking plaster on Sammy’s head. “guy that Suliat girl wan burst ur head oh, the girl na agbero oh, shebi we dey warn u that time u dey say we dey talk rubbish” i said. “guy my eye don clear now, dat girl na devil” Sammy said what made laughed.

After i collected my discharge certificate, i chatted with Ayo for a while sipping from the bottle of Alomo he brought. I later saw Obinna who told me that Ezenna was shot and he died. He told me Ezenna joined a robbery gang in Oshogbo and the police shot him when he was trying to escape.

The two persons i never wanted to see was Chioma and Juliet. I even saw Lampard and Shakur, mehn! I savoured the fun memories ab initio our camp experience with nostalgia(oyibo rekpete).

Ilorin Chei! Ilorin Chei! Chei Baba Ilorin. How i wish he passed out with us. But he caused it all by allowing his “river Niger” overflow into a “Kainji dam”.

I left Ilesa the next day after i gave out what was left of my properties to the church. I was happy, Bcos i came, i saw hell, i conquered.


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Jul 16, 2017
Na GODWIN finally ooooooo...
Thank God say you come, you see, you conquer.?

#Igbo boys...??​
Must always represent......✋??
Chop knuckle. ???
Correct Igbo boy.
Dec 21, 2017
so impresive. love it keep it up.
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