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The night had come, the night he would get his pay for keeping their dirty and dark secret, he was a fulfilled man, Kachi Romeo, one of the wealthiest bloggers in the country, after Linda Ikeji, he was next and there was no stopping him.

‘How do I look’? Romeo smiled mischievously. He was confident the business with the Itas would work out just fine, with Oliver and the boys to protect him, nothing could go wrong.

‘You look okay, but we’re running out of time, it’s almost 9’ Oliver reminded him.

‘Let them wait, they need me more than I need them’ Romeo replied and he was right, the Pastor was a man of repute and he would do anything to keep that identity and that of his family.

‘My boys have taken strategic position round the Itas house, so you have nothing to worry about’ Oliver said.

‘I trust you Oliver, when I am with you, I feel safe, one day, I would reward you for your kind services’ he patted him on the shoulder and walked away.

‘Good riddance to bad rubbish’ Oliver offered him a sly smile, he couldn’t wait to strangle him later that night.

He had other plans too, once Romeo was out, others would follow, no one could ever blackmail him again.


I had tried to escape during the night but I dissuaded myself against such action, it could get me killed, besides, I didn’t know Helen’s plans with the rifle, what if it was meant for me? What if she was spying me?

‘Dinner is served, darling, come and eat’ I heard her call to the husband from the kitchen.

I had prepared food for everyone, Romeo was included but he wasn’t yet here.

‘What makes you think I’ll eat your food?’ the pastor scoffed.

‘She wants to poison us, sorry mum, I just gave dad something to eat’ Rose chipped in.

‘I bet you did’ Helen grinned, she couldn’t wait to put a bullet into her.

‘I’ll need you two to be nice, Mark is coming home, so let’s not ruin the family dinner with all these’ she gestured with her hand.

She had to lie for them to comply, she still had not gotten any information on Mark.

‘Fine, but we’re only having this dinner cause of Mark’ Rose replied and led her father to the dining table.

‘Thank you’ Helen replied and joined me in the kitchen.

‘Ajunwa? Be a dear and check the doorbell, it seems our guest is here, one more thing, I need that obscene video of my husband Bleeping his daughter’ she said.

‘In my room’ I replied and left for the door. Helen was up to something, there was this macabre gleam in her eyes and I prayed no one would be buried in that garden that night.

‘Romeo? What are you doing here’? Rose was surprised to see him as I opened the door.

‘I came to pay your family a visit’ Romeo smiled and took a seat.

‘Hello there Romeo, lock the door Ajunwa’ Helen smiled mischievously as she surfaced from my room with the video camera and a rifle.

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