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Must Read: HONEYMOON - Season 2 - Episode 29
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Ebuka rushes to the prison yard as he had been waiting for the first c--k-crow to see his Emilia. He met her awake in her cell and she was surprised to see him arrive that early. They talked for some time about how she had been coping without him and so on. Later he told her that he hadn’t seen his parents, so he later left her after staying for over an hour to go and see his parents. Ebuka had also heard of his mother’s accident and bad behaviour to Emilia, he expected it due to her disdain for the ‘ Ekuns’ but he didn’t know she could be wicked to the extent of wanting her to die. He entered a Transit Bus going to Surulere from Ikeja, the journey was about one hour. Surulere was still the same “Before would it change” he said to himself. He could see that they had started working on the bad road. That was the only new thing that had embraced Surulere. He entered a Cab that stopped him at Maritime Avenue. He trekked from the street’s beginning to his father’s house, knocked on the gate and the gate’s bolt was becoming loose, meaning someone was opening it, it was El-malik the gateman that was opening it without even peeping from the peep-hole. It was obvious that he had become unserious and inefficient in his job due to the absence of Ebuka the disciplinarian.He pushed the individual gate and let out a cry.

El-malik: Sfirit, Sfirit oh, make una see Sfirit oh. Kai! (He started running like a madman) Kai! (Ebuka entered into the Compound and Mr. Eze rushed to see the cause of the tension and pandemonium in the compound and he too ran back into the stair-way and steeple-chases through the stairs, Erica who was sleeping at the time of the incidence was unaware).

Ebuka: Stop,stop! Stop running i’m not a ghost,it’s me Ebuka. I’m not dead. It’s me nah. What is all this? (Banging the door loudly).

Mr. Eze: (To himself) Why is Ebuka’s ghost haunting us? I don’t have a hand in his death nah. (As Ebuka is still banging on the door and beckoning on them to open up, someone knocks on the gate and he goes to open the gate. He peeps through the peep-hole and he sees Ekaete with a Bagco bag on her hand but she doesn’t notice who looks through the peep-hole because she is lost in her Ibibio song and dance. As she is still singing, Ebuka opens the gate for her and when she looks up to see who opened the gate, she screams and runs back shouting. She flings the Bagco bag on the ground and things like tomatoes,pepper,carrots and other vegetables pours out of the bag.

Ekaete: Chei! Chei! Iyonmi! Ekpo! Ekpo! Iyonmi (she cries and runs back towards where she came from. Ekpo means masquerade/spirit in Ibibio language and Iyonmi means something forbidden or detested).

Ebuka: Stop! Stop running. Oh my God this is gonna be tough. I think i need to use Dr. Evbagharu and Dr. Emma to let them know i’m alife. (He sighs and walks out of the compound).


* Conversation between Enebuwa & Energy after he charges his BB battery which was initially flat*

Enebuwa: Guy make i show you this two pictures (opens his phone’s gallery and clicks on a photo). Energy look this picture wella.

Energy: (collects the phone and glances through the picture)Omo this guy dey familiar oh. He resemble person wey i know.
Enebuwa: Oya check out this one, this one resemble the one wey i just show you. Just that this one get beards well well and come fair pass the other one. (Gives Energy the phone after clicking on another picture).
Energy: (Looks at the picture) Wait, wait! Wait oh. I know this guy. This guy na hired Assassin. Na very rough guy oh and he dey like cause trouble for our area. I don forget him name oh, yes them dey call am Edward. That guy should be his twin brother, i been hear say he get twin brother wey also be Assassin.

Enebuwa: Nna! That day when dem kill that guy, i see this one wey i show you last, he put gun for him pocket, i come snap am from distance, i no stop am because i dey fear make he no kill me. The guy no even waste time at all. Na so i come see the guy for the first picture him never reach 5 minutes wey he enter, he come come out. Na that same day we come hear of the death. I go tell Police.
Energy: Yes na im be the best thing.

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