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Must Read: Had I known - Season 1 - Episode 71
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One month later, the bone marrow transplant went well, Martha has fully recovered and surprisingly the two sister’s bonded very well.

The both of them had even gone together to visit their father in the police station.

Ifeoma: aunty Ebere, are you sure that they will not kill daddy.
Martha: ify, i am sure, just be positive okay?
Ifeoma: okay aunty.
Just then Jayjay and his Mum came out to the sitting room.
Jayjay: you two are already here?
Martha: i couldn’t sleep last night so i got up very early this morning…mummy good morning.
Jayjay’s mum: Chidiebere, my princess, how was your night?
Martha: fine mum.
Jayjay’s mum: (holding Martha and Ifeoma’s hand passionately) i want you girls to know that whatever happens today, you just have to take heart.
Ifeoma: yes ma.
Jayjay’s Mum: i love the two of your like my own daughter, it is so unfortunate that your mother is not here, may her soul rest in perfect peace.
Martha: amen.
Jayjay: let’s go then.
At the Ayogu’s mansion.
Mrs. Ayogu: my daughter when do you intend resuming school.

Vanessa: next week ma.
Mrs. Ayogu: stop all this your ma, ma, ma, can’t you make it ‘Mum’ afterall i am your soon to be mother inlaw.
Vanessa: yes ma, sorry mummy.
Mrs. Ayogu: it’s okay, you will soon get used to it, i want you to know that i never hated you, i just wanted the best for my son.
Vanessa: ma, sorry, mummy, i understand.
Lor’d V came out smiling as he has been eavesdropping on Vanessa and his mums conversation.
Lor’d V: (hugs his mum) mum, we have to go now, the court case will soon start.
Mrs. Ayogu: alright, take care the two of you.

Vanessa: (smiles) thanks mum.


At Abuja Federal High Court.
Jayjay’s car entered first with his mum, Martha and Ifeoma in it, they were quickly surrounded by reporters and journalists, but they ignored them and walked into the court room.
Lor’d V and Vanessa arrived later, they were also surrounded by reporters because the news has circulated earlier that she was the daughter of the deceased.

She also ignored the reporters and walked in.
After hugging her mum and martha and exchanging pleasantries with everyone, she sat down and a shortwhile later, the judge walked in.
And soon the case commenced.
Mr. Ubah, Chinedu, Tunde and the other two were led into the court room by police men, it was a sad moment for Martha who began sobbing immediately she saw her father. And Jayjay tried to comfort her and her sister.

And also for Chinedu who saw the dissappointment on his parents face, he was moved to tears when he saw his aunty pregnant, he remembered when he insulted her for being childless but unfortunately he couldn’t turn the hands of the clocks.
He saw the look that screams ‘disappointment’ on his friend and former class mate faces, and he wished he had never met Mr. Ubah, but it was also too late for regrets.

Clerk: Court arise!
They all stood and sat down and the judge commenced with the case.
Judge: we are here today for the case of one Mr. Agaba who was killed on the 21st July.
May the lawyers present their cases.
The first lawyer, Jayjay’s father private lawyer came up to the pondium and began questioning the suspects.

After he was done, Mr. Ubah’s lawyer came up and tried to defend his client.
After everything, the court went for a break before the final judgement.
Nkechi later came during the break.
Nkechi: (hugs Martha) sorry i am late.
Martha: it’s okay, welcome.
Nkechi: bae, take heart, you have to be strong for your little sister, if you are crying like this, how do you expect her to behave.
Vanessa: that is what i have been telling her.
Martha: thanks friends.
Nkechi: (holding Ifeoma’s hand) Baby, don’t mind your big sis, be strong you hear me?
Ifeoma: okay aunty.
Jayjay: who do we have here?
Nkechi: (hugs him) Jayjay how are you doing?
Jayjay: i am fine and you?
Nkechi: am okay.

The were called in for the final judgement.
After they all sat, the Judge began speaking.
Judge: after hearing from both sides. This is my judgement.
The court room became quiet and all eyes were now on him.
Judge: Tunde and Chinedu have been found guilty on a three count charge of attempted murder and possession of unauthorized weapons and they have been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and also the other three persons who were charged with Muder, you have been found guilty and are hereby sentenced to 14 years imprisonment, with no bail option. That is my final judgement.
Immediatelly the judgement was delivered Chinedu put his two hands on his head and screamed ‘HAD I KNOWN’ i would never have indulged in all this, look where i have ended.

They were led away by the police men amidst cries and sobs by their friends and relatives.
Crime never pays, it only leads to doom and guilt, and vegeance also is for God almighty alone, we should never try to avenge whatever wrong that has been carried out against us, cos God will surely avenge for us at due time.
The End.

Thanks to everyone.

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