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Must Read: Had I known - Season 1 - Episode 70
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Despite the police men saying that they would not touch Mr. Ubah, he was later stripped off his clothes and tortured like the murderer that he is.

When Jayjay, Lor’d V and Vanessa arrived the police station he was bleeding from all part of his body and also handcuffed.
Policeman: hey, oga welcome.
Lor’d V: where is he?
Policeman: oga easy, we don already beat am make e soft.
Jayjay: where im dey?
Another Police man: well, you have to go to the Commissioner’s office first.
Lor’d V: alright thanks.

They all went to the Commissioner’s office and met him on phone, they stood and waited for him to finish with his calls.
Commissioner: welcome to my office, you can have your sits.
Jayjay: thank you sir.
Commissioner: (smiles) so, as usual, we delivered.
Lor’d V: yes sir, you and your men, did a very good job for us, we are so excited.
Commissioner: we are also excited, atleast the masses we continue to trust us.
Jayjay: has he said anything yet?
Commissioner: he said something about being your father’s friend in the university but he refused to say why he killed your father, he said he will only say that part when he sees Jaja.
Jayjay: sir, lets go there, we don’t have anymore time to waste, i really want to see his face.

Commissioner: alright.
The commissioner ordered for Mr. Ubah to be brought in and immediately he was brought in, handcuffed with bruises all over his body.
Jayjay didn’t even know what to do when he was brought in, he thought of strangling him but decided against it as he in the police environment.
Commissioner: here he is.
Lor’d V: well, make him talk cos the mere sight of him, makes me want to kill.

Commissioner: easy please.
Jayjay: (clenches his fist) why did you kill my father?
Mr. Ubah: i killed him cos he ruined my life.
Vanessa: please explain, how did he ruin your life.
Mr. Ubah: he was my friend but he later turned against me and framed me up for cultism which led to my expulsion from the University.
Vanessa: but that is not enough reason to kill him.
Mr. Ubah: he ruined my dreams.
Lor’d V: but you were rich.
Mr. Ubah: i had other dreams apart from being rich.
Vanessa: don’t you feel any remorse.
Mr. Ubah: i only feel bad because i wanted to watch him die but unfortunately that did not happen.

Jayjay charged at him ready to punch him but he was stopped by the police men.
Jayjay: mr. Man, u will rot in jail.
Mr. Ubah: (smiles) and your father will rot in hell, i am sure he will not go to heaven since he knew nothing about God, he was only concerned about making money.
Jayjay: please take him out.
Mr. Ubah: wait before that, let me atleast do something good.
Vanessa: want is the good thing that you want to do?
Mr. Ubah: i want to save my daughters life.
Jayjay: your daughter can go to hell with you i don’t care, you will rot in jail.
Mr. Ubah: you really don’t care?
Jayjay: yes.
Mr. Ubah: good, that means Martha can die, atleast i tried my best as a father to save her life.
Jayjay: what!
Vanessa: what do you mean by that?
Mr. Ubah: are you surprised, don’t you know yet that they are not siblings,
jayjay: explain what you mean.
Mr. Ubah: let’s just say i switched her and your biological sister at birth and i gave your mum my child and dumped hers somewhere, because i was poor and still struggling then.
Vanessa: so, you mean you are Martha’s father.
Mr. Ubah: isn’t it obvious already.
Jayjay: if you are really her father, then save her.
Mr. Ubah: i will give you my address and you can go there and pick her younger sister, who will donate the bone marrow to her.
Lor’d V: are you serious.
Mr. Ubah: am serious. And i have my sources also.
Jayjay: how about my sister?
Mr. Ubah: i don’t know her whereabout but out of my kind heart and compassion i gave the girl a mark, a deep cut actually on her right arm, and i put in a black liquid, so the mark can never fade, it is a permanent mark.

Vanessa and Lor’d V looked at each other for a moment.
Lor’d V: (raises Vanessa long sleeved shirt a little bit) You mean this mark.
Mr. Ubah: oh, i see, she is even here. Jayjay how did you find her so easily.
Jayjay: am still confused, what is happening here.
Mr. Ubah: well, your sister is here now please save my own daughter for her sister.
Jayjay: you mean Van…wait you mean Vanessa is my sister?
Mr. Ubah: can i go now?
Jayjay: (hugs her tightly) i have always felt it, the closeness and all, i have always felt we have some kind of connection.
Vanessa: i am so short of words now.
Mr. Ubah: happy reunion, my work here is done, please lead me back to my cell.
Commissioner: corporal, lead him back to his cell
Mr. Ubah was led out of the office while the Commissioner and Lor’d V looked on at the brother and sister who couldn’t stop hugging each other, there were tears of Joy running down Vanessa’s cheek.
Jayjay: (finally disengages from her) first thing first, let’s save my love, i still love her despite her father’s wickedness.
Lor’d V: wow, let’s go and get the address first.

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