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Must Read: Had I known - Season 1 - Episode 69
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Its monday already, and weekly activities has already begun in zone 7 police station in abuja.

Policeman: Are you saying that you don’t know the man’s name or house.
1st guy: (pleadingly) yes sir, we swear on our life.
Policeman: (hits their heads with wooden batons) you go soon loose that life.

The two boys that were hired by Mr. Ubah were in the police cell, stripped to just their boxers, on their bodies were marks from the severe beating that they had been given by the policemen; catching them was so easy as Kelvin questioned them like a real detective.


Kelvin: guys, na only two of una do the job?
1st guy: yes bro, we don hammer.
Kelvin: i for like join una, any slot for me? Cos my own area don dry now o.
2nd guy: if you go collect 10 percent from the next job.
Kelvin: which next job?
1st guy: (brings out a photo from his pocket) e say make we finish dis one too.
Kelvin: who the guy be?
1st guy: na dat man wey we kaput son be dis.
Kelvin: wow, i wan join una for this one, even if na five percent go be my pay.
1st guy: meet us tomorrow evening by 6.
Kelvin: for where?
1st guy: for Arab area, you know that place?
Kelvin: yes.
1st guy: so if you cross that bridge, you go see one woman we dey sell drink for there, na there we go dey.
Kelvin: (raises his glass of wine) thanks guys. Cheers to a life with you guys…(to himself) cheers to a brand new car for me.
All through the talking he was videoing them and the other guys were too drunk to notice it.
Back to present.
Commissioner: we have to catch the man behind this as soon as possible.

Asst. Commissioner: sir, we are trying our best, we are humans.
Commissioner: i know that but we all have to put in more effort.
Asst. Commissioner: the person behind all this must be very smart, he doesnt let his hit-men know his house.
Commissioner: (thoughtfully) i think i have an idea.
Asst. Commissioner: sir, what is the idea.
Commissioner: we will catch him through his hit men.
Asst. Commissioner: sir, how? they don’t even know anything about him.
Commissioner: we will trap him in a way that he can never imagine. Does he know that his hit-men has been arrested?
Asst. Commissioner: no sir.
Commissioner: how sure are you?
Asst. Commissioner: 90 percent sure, sir.
Commissioner: okay, good.


Vanessa had just finished taking her breakfast with the rest of the family members, thankfully it was peaceful.
She decided to call Martha and know how she is doing.
Vanessa: hello dear.
Martha: hey, V how are you doing?
Vanessa: fine o, how is ur health?
Martha: fine, fine, how is the Lil champ doing?
Vanessa: he is doing great, he has even gone to school.
Martha: wow, that is so nice, have u heard from N-K?
Vanessa: yeah, last week monday, a week ago precisely. Any problem?
Martha: no o, she called me yesterday and she kept ranting on and on about one guy.
Vanessa: hmmm, tell me more.
Martha: i think she is in love with this guy and this time it is for real.
Vanessa: i am so excited, now i can sleep peacefully, i couldn’t stand the thought of her becoming a Nun.
Martha: same here o, if not for this guy, all that her beauty and endowment would have been wasted.
Vanessa: as if you know sef! school resumes in three weeks, i am sure everyone of us will have stories to tell.
Martha: i guess so, though some may not be pleasant.
Vanessa: life is not a bed of roses, we will talk later, let me leave you to rest.
Martha: alright, thanks for calling.
Vanessa: bye.
Martha: bye.
Immediately she ended, she dialled Nkechi’s number to get the full gist about her loving a guy.


Mr. Ubah was sitting in his rest-house at Abuja and drinking his favourite drink; Hennessy, when he got a call from the boys.
He quickly dashed into his room brought out enough money and headed out.
He soon got to the location and alighted from the car in search of the guys.
The place was deserted, he brought out his phone and dialled their numbers but it wasn’t going through, after putting his phone back in his pocket, he turned to leave but before he could say ”Jack Robbinson” he was surrounded by armed police men.
Police man: raise your two hands now.
Mr. Ubah: (raises his two hands in surrender)
The police men behind him quickly came over and brought his hands to his back and handcuffed him.
He was taken into the police van and they droved out with him screaming ”you guys messed with the wrong man”

At the police station.

Police man: we won’t question you cos your boys have already confessed everything to us.
Mr. Ubah: i still don’t know why i am here.
Police man: you will know once you are faced with a 6 count charge of murder, unlawful possession of arms and the likes.
Mr. Ubah: what?
Policeman: (mimicks him) all this big men, you think you can get away with everything.
Mr. Ubah: i swear i am innocent.
Police man: tell that to the judge.

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