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Saturday morning at the Ayogu’s mansion.

The family are seen having breakfast, including Vanessa.
Sen Ayogu: son, when do you both intend to get married.
Lor’d V: as soon as she finishes her school and her youth service.
Mrs. Ayogu: (talking to nobody in particular) that is enough time for whatever charm she is using on you to expire, i am sure of that.
Sen Ayogu: woman, stop that nonsense, there’s a little boy here.
Mrs. Ayogu: i was just thinking out loud.
Sen Ayogu: keep your thoughts to yourself…(to Lor’d V) when precisely?
Lor’d V: a year and half, minus the youth service.
Sen Ayogu: well, i can arrange for her to do her youth service at the abuja office here.
Vanessa: thank you sir.
Sen Ayogu: you are welcome dear.
Lor’d V: dad, i don’t get you.
Sen. Ayogu: well, i am saying that i should be attending my son’s wedding in a year and half time. So, you should get married immediately after her university.
Lor’d V: dad, is that not too close.
Sen. Ayogu: no, it’s not. I want to have my grand children running around this mansion as soon as possible.
Lor’d V: you already have one!
Sen. Ayogu: don’t you think he needs brothers and sisters.
Mrs. Agaba: (to her grand son) baby, let’s go, this conversation is obviously not for the two of us.
Grand son: (holds her hand) yes, grandma.
Sen. Ayogu: don’t mind your mum, she will soon get tired to all this hatred and anger and face reality.
Lor’d V: it’s okay dad.
At the commissioner’s house.
The commissioner had just finished his breakfast and was about going to work when his son who just woke up came out.

Kelvin: dad, good morning.

Commissioner: mum, good morning too, where did you go last night.
Kelvin: to a friends place.
Commissioner: keep moving with all those your bad friends, Kelvin carry on, it is not me you will disgrace, it is yourself.
Kelvin: dad, please stop it, i don’t want the rest of my day to be filled with scolding. Where to?
Commissioner: to work. So i can bring money for you to go and waste on those prostitutes that you keep.
Kelvin: dad, stop getting worked up over nothing. Do you have a minute.
Commissioner: what do you want, inshort, don’t tell me, i don’t have money to give you.
Kelvin: (laughs) i am here to make a deal with you.
Commissioner: a deal? Kelvin, i don’t have time for nonsense.
Kelvin: it’s not nonsense.
Commissioner: then, what is it?
Kelvin: i will tell you the killers of Chief Agaba and save you all this stress in exchange for the information, you will get me a brand new car.
Commissioner: kelvin, don’t tell me you have a hand in this.
Kelvin: God forbid! Am everything except a murderer.
Commissioner: so, how did you know about the killers and how sure are you.
Kelvin: i am 101 percent sure…dad listen to this…(plays an audio clip in his phone, unknown to the drunk killers he recorded their conversation)
commissioner: how did you get this?
Kelvin: that’s not the point, the point is do we have a deal or not, it is actually a video but you won’t see the faces of the two guys until we have a deal. Do we have a deal or not?

Commissioner: yes, we have a deal, just give me the video.
Kelvin: dad, i actually recorded what you just said now, so don’t try to play smart on me later.
Commissioner: kelvin, i promise to get you a car, just give me the video recording.
Kelvin: alright sir, give me your phone, let me transfer it there.


Nkechi had just finished with her chores in her Uncle’s house when her phone rang. She ignored it at first thinking it was the network providers, but it kept on ringing after the third time she answered the call.
Nkechi: hello.
Tunde: good morning sweetheart.
Nkechi: (pretending not to recognise the voice) who is this?
Tunde: your bank. I just called to inform you that if you don’t return the 5 million naira loan you collected from us that your house will be seized by the company at the end of this week.

Nkechi: Tunde so you are now my bank right?
Tunde: oh, so now that i mentioned money, you have remembered my name. Igbo girls and money sha.
Nkechi: thanks for dropping me at home yesterday?
Tunde: your money is 5000 naira, don’t thank me, pay me.
Nkechi: even a taxi cost just 1000 naira.
Tunde: mine was special delivery.
Nkechi: well, come and drop me back at the super market, cos i don’t have that kind of money.
Tunde: i don’t want the money again. But you will still pay o.
Nkechi: what do you want now?
Tunde: i want you.
Nkechi: me?
Tunde: yes, you. 5 PM, this evening, is that okay with you?
Nkechi: huh? 5 PM? For what?
Tunde: a date, or do you want me to spell it out for you, D.A.T.E, date.
Nkechi: i told you am married.
Tunde: i take that as a yes, i will be at your gate by 5 PM dis evening, gat to go baby.
Nkechi: alright.
Tunde: thanks for your time, baby.
Nkechi: take care.

She dropped the phone, smiling sheepishly, it was obvious that she was hopelessly in love with Tunde.

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