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Must Read: Had I known - Season 1 - Episode 67
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Lor’d V: Jay, you have to calm down, i am sure that there must be a way out of all this mess.

Jayjay: Lor’d, you heard him right, the guy said that the person behind my dad’s death is someone that my dad has wronged and apart from taking my dad’s life, the person is also after me.
Lor’d V: (thoughtfully) you know what, don’t go out of this house till everything is settled. Me and V will be coming over occasionally till the brain behind all this evil act is caught.
Jayjay: thanks man.
Lor’d V: you are welcome, so what do we do about the guy, and wait that reminds me have you informed your mum about your dads death.
Jayjay: yeah, i informed her this morning.
Lor’d V: how did she take it?
Jayjay: badly, you need to have heard the way she cried when i told her.
Lor’d V: she will get over it soon. When is the burial?
Jayjay: in two weeks time.
Lor’d V: alright see ya, i have got to go before my mum offer’s me Vanessa’s dead body as dinner this evening.
Jayjay: (smiles) alright. Take care.
Friday night at Desi’s bar, the place was filled with youths, everyone engaging in one activity or the other, ranging from drinking and smoking to dancing.

Daniel the commissioner’s son who just walked into the bar was seen talking to the bar man.
Daniel: Give me one glass of the strongest one you have.
Bar man: okay sir…(handing a glass half-filled with wine to him) here is it sir.
Daniel: any available sit in the VIP area?
Bar man: yes sir.
Daniel: thanks.
Bar man: do you need any lady for the night?
Daniel: not now, i need to clear up my head first.

Bar man: alright sir.
Daniel: and bring me two bottles of this same wine.
Bar man: okay sir.
In the VIP area.
Daniel: (greeting the two guys that he will be sharing the corner with) guys hw far?
1st guy: (already drunk) life is good mehn…(handing him a half burnt cigarette) guy, enjoy.
Daniel: no, thanks.

Just then a waiter brought the two bottles of wine he ordered for.
2nd guy: (also drunk) my guy, order anything wey you want, we go pay, money don show.
Daniel: no, no worry, i get money.
1st guy: guy, bone that thing celebrate with us, money don show, we do job for one big men, the thing pay wella.
Daniel: (showing interest) which job una do?
1st guy: na one rich man na hire us say make we kill one man, and e really pay us better money as we kill the man.
Daniel: (getting very interested in the matter) which man?
2nd guy: e say make we kill that man wey e name na chief Agaba.
Daniel: ha! Interesting.


In Ibadan, Nkechi who has come to visit her uncle is seen in the supermarket, picking up vegetables probably for dinner. while bending down to pick cucumbers, someone else came to pick the same vegetable too, close to her, she turned to look at the person and atleast greet the person when their eyes met.

She didn’t even realize she was staring at the guy until the cucumber she was holding feel from her hand.

They both crouched down to pick it up at the same time and their heads slammed together.
Nkechi: ouch!
Stranger: ouch! You’ve got a hard head lady.
Nkechi: (embarrassed) sorry…(she collected the cucumber from him and made to walk away)
Stranger: wait, don’t go. Am Tunde.
Nkechi: (turns around) nice meeting you Tunde…(walks away.
Tunde: uhm, she is the hard to get type, i like that.
Nkechi: (muttering to herself) i embarrassed myself badly infront of that guy, but d--n he is so handsome and he also has a charming smile.
She got to the sales girl and gave her all the things she has picked for her to calculate the amount.
Sales girl: madam, your money is 10,000 naira.
Nkechi: alright…(opens her bag to bring out money)
”calculate mine also and deduct the money for both of us from my credit card” a voice which she recognised so well spoke from behind her.
Nkechi: you!
Tunde: hello beautiful, i see we meet again.
Nkechi: i can pay for my stuffs.
Tunde: i didn’t say you can’t.
Nkechi: then why did you pay for them.
Tunde: (ignores her question) what’s your name?
Nkechi: that’s none of your business, stop flirting with me, i am married.
Tunde: we both know, that is a big lie.
Nkechi: (feigning annoyance) I don’t have a name.
Tunde: how about, a kiss for your name.
Nkechi: (laughs) how about a slap rather than my name.
Tunde: feisty, i like that.
Nkechi: stop trying to flirt with me, i am not in the mood for that.
Tunde: on a more serious note, just tell me your name, it won’t hurt you to tell me your name. Please, please and please.
Nkechi: alright, you win. My name is Nkechinyere, Nkechi for short.
Tunde: Nkechi, i see, a beautiful name for a damsel like you, one more thing, can i have your phone number.
Nkechi: why do you want my phone number?
Tunde: incase, anything happens to me, cos of that hit on my head and i need to sue you for it.
Nkechi: (smiles) i see, you don’t forget things easily…here is it.
Tunde: (collects the number) thanks.
Nkechi: thanks for everything.
Tunde: my angel, you are welcome.

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