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Must Read: Glitches - Season 1 - Episode 17
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Jeremy was seeing everything in twos and hearing echoes. Detective Dosun’s question played in the farthest part of his brain but he just couldn’t make meaning out of his words, yet he knew it would be foolhardy to say anything contrary to what the evil Detective wishes to hear. He was still shivering from the effect of the electric shock, and the water on his face wasn’t helping matters. He tried to raise his hand to wipe his face but his hands were tied. This is barbaric for crying out loud, this is human rights infringement. He couldn’t bring himself to say those words even though he wished he could.

‘’We don’t have all day.’’ The coarse voice of Detective Dosun that Jeremy had come to associate with evil spoke. ‘’Did you kill her?’’
‘’Yes.’’ He replied with shaky voice. He cringed in fear, expecting the torture to continue but it didn’t, instead, the Detective continued his questioning.

‘’How do you turn into a beast?’’
Damn if I knew I’d have torn your jaw and fed it to the Vultures.
‘’Maybe I didn’t go over the instructions but I’m gonna be clear on this one.’’ The Detective got serious. ‘’If I ask you a question, you answer it at once and quit stalling.’’

Jeremy caught the seriousness in the Detective’s voice and he swore he didn’t want to make him angry.
‘’How do you transform into a beast?’’ he asked again.
‘’I swear I don’t know.’’ Jeremy shouted quickly, not wanting to test the Detective’s patient. Detective Dotun gave Segun an inquiring look.
‘’He’s telling the truth.’’ Segun affirmed.

He couldn’t help but feel pity for the boy.

The poor boy doesn’t even know what he’s in for.
‘’How is that possible Jeremy, You collected a charm to help you turn into a monster but you don’t know how to activate it?’’
Now that was the dumbest thing Jeremy had heard all year. How would someone collect a charm to help him turn into a monster? To what gain?
‘’I swear I don’t know anything about this thing, it’s just crazy. I just discovered one night that I could change into… whatever this is, i swear I don’t know how.’’

‘’Tell me, how many people like you are out there?’’
‘’Look, I don’t know anything about this okay? I’m equally as confused as you.’’
Detective Dosun motioned to Sule to continue his ‘activity’. Sule felt more than glad to oblige, the whole interrogation was getting boring and lacked necessary actions. His hands were getting itchy, he wanted to punch that jaw.

By this time, the pressing iron on the wall socket was already very hot. He lifted it gently, Jeremy swallowed a lump. Slowly, he brought it close to Jeremy who was already shouting before the iron got close. He pressed it hard on Jeremy’s face.

There was a hiss of broiling flesh, coupled with the pungent smell of burning flesh.
‘’He’s telling the…’’ Segun was saying but Detective Dosun gesticulated him to stop.
‘’In case you haven’t noticed, Sule here feels no remorse whatsoever and he is not going to stop until you tell us what we want to hear.’’
What the hell do you want to hear? Nigga we’re both brothers in cluelessness.

Jeremy felt tears drop from his eyes and when it touched the injury on his face, he felt pain like no other. Segun suddenly hit the table and stood up, ‘’I can’t be part of this.’’ He said and stormed out of the room. Detective Dosun eyed him angrily, then slowly, he returned the gaze to Jeremy, then to Sule.
‘’Let’s take a break.’’ He said and turned back to Jeremy. ‘’You better start talking when we get back.’’ The two men walked outside just in time to see Segun kick the wall, he felt like he carried the weight of the world.

He couldn’t bring himself to tell anybody the truth about the situation, a decision that is currently having a harmful effect on a youth.

‘’what’s the matter with you segun?’’ Detective Dosun asked.
‘’that’s no way to go with an interrogation.

Your methods are medieval, abhorrent and repugnant.’’
‘’And yet they are very effective.’’
‘’Is that all you care about?’’ Segun couldn’t hide his disgust. ‘’Results? Without giving a damn how many innocent people you hurt in the process?’’
‘’He isn’t innocent.’’ Detective Dosun shouted. ‘’He is a killer, a monster.

And the earlier we start treating him as such, the better for all of us.’’
‘’He is a human being for Christ sake.’’
‘’I think we are forgetting something here, you’re my subordinate.’’ Detective Dosun said with an air of authority. ‘’And I’m ordering you to back off.’’

Segun raised his hands up in mock surrender.

Detective Dosun checked his wrist watch, it was just a few minutes before four o’clock. ‘’I think he is stalling. He is waiting for nightfall when he can turn. We’re gonna give him a little time now, let him reminisce a little bit. If by the time we come back, he isn’t still saying anything reasonable, we’ll kill him.’’

Aaron was at Queen’s garden before 4. He had run from the cave few hours earlier and was just driving around town to clear his head. He chose a spot that faced the city, where he could see the hustling and bustling he ran away from.

From his vantage point, he could see the heavy Lagos traffic, the cloud of thick smoke from industries. His phone rang, it was Segun.

He contemplated picking it. What could it be? Or has he closed from the station and was now at the Hill? He picked the call.

‘’Aaron we have a Loman case here.’’ Aaron’s mind skipped a bit. Had Greg left the cave? Was he looking for him? ‘’They brought him in this morning.”
‘’Do they know what they are facing?’’ Aaron asked.
‘’They don’t. They just know he turns into a monster at night.’’
‘’Well, just make sure you’re not close by when he turns.’’
‘’They’re not gonna let him turn Aaron.’’
‘’What do you mean they’re not gonna let him turn?’’Aaron asked. Can they possibly stop it?
‘’They are going to kill him before night fall.’’ Segun felt like shedding a tear. ‘’He’s just a kid.’’
‘’That’s not going to happen, you’re going to break him out of there.’’
‘’And how the f.uck am I supposed to do that?’’ Segun asked.
‘’I don’t know, you’re the police officer, think of something.’’ Aaron looked up and saw who he had been waiting for. He last saw her at night weeks ago but he remembered her perfectly. Wearing a red pebble gown which accentuated her features, she stood there, confused. She brought out her phone to dial a number. ‘’look men I gotta go, just take care of the situation.’’
‘’hold on a sec you’re asking me to break a high level criminal suspect out of police headquarters without… hello? Hello?’’ The line was dead.
‘’Shiit!’’ he managed to mutter.

To be continued

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