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Must Read: Daughters!!! - Season 1 - Episode 49
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“True is, part of me is tired with this revenge this and the other part doesn’t want to back down”
“You’re not backing….”, Pedro’s cell phone interrupted him
“Excuse me”
He punched the answer button
“You better have a good reason for calling me”, he paused “You’ve some nerve, you know that?”, he paused again “Oh God! What am I going to do with you?…. Fine!”, he ended it.

“That was Elsa, she wants me to pick some stuffs and food for her. Shall we go?”
“Where?”, Tiara asked
He laughed. Standing up, he said “My house. C’mon let’s go”
It opened! The door to the room of Tiara Michaels opened! A miracle!
All she had to do was search.
She stepped in…..
All she had to was search…..
“So what’s Elsa like?”
He spared her a look
“Tiara, you don’t have to impress anybody”
She laughed. She laughed her heart out and within seconds, Pedro joined her
“Wow. Don’t think I’ve seen you laugh. Was that so funny?”
“Yes. I can hardly imagine myself impressing anyone”
“That’s because….”, he leaned down to have a taste of her mouth. She tasted of salad.
“… are a piece of work”
“Pedro, you’re going to kill us both”, she broke the kiss, even as enticing as his lips looked.
“Wouldn’t it be great? Dying side by side with you?”
“Pedro!… How come you’re acting this way?”
“What way? Romantic?”, and gave her that naughty smile that made her laugh for the second time
“This day must be blessed. Tiara Michaels laughing twice within ten minutes”
She laughed again

“Three times already?”
“Pedro, stop it!”, she said amid laughter
He smiled.
“We are here, baby girl”
She gave in to another round of laughter and at that moment she knew why she has behaving like a teenager and laughing the way she is; Pedro has just confessed to her that he loves her and she, well she loves him back….tenfold.
She has searched the wardrope, beneath the bed, beneath the nightstand. She has ransacked every corner in this room and nothing! There’s nothing in Tiara’s room. Now, she wants to search the bathroom. She entered into the bathroom, there was nothing… Nothing!
Resigned, she went back into the bedroom and sat on Tiara’s bed and there, above the wardrope, was that wooden box, that box that held her father’s secrets.

She placed a chair at the front and climbed and retrieved the wooden box but it was lock and key…
Pedro climbed down from his car and went to the other side, held the door open for Tiara. She smiled and tilted her head back. He held out his hand for her. She took it and climbered down.
“What’s that smile for?”, Pedro asked.
He laughed
“Why are we stopping at the front of the gate?”
“Because….”, he wrapped a hand around her waist and pulled her against him and kissed her hard. Lips crushing into each others and hearts burning into each other and Tiara letting out a small m0an.
They stood there, hungry for each other and lost in each other’s kiss when the gate opened from the inside.
“This must be Tiara!”, she said to the hearing of them as they both unwillingly broke the kiss.
In the Army uniform, anyone would guess who she was. She has a little bit of a male statue.

Looks a little hard. Anyone would have been intimidated but she.
“Oh God! Elsa, you are one naughty girl and I’m gonna give you the beating of your life one these days”, Pedro playfully said to her.
Elsa eyed him
“Tiara!, so nice to meet even though Pedro couldn’t shup his mouth up for a second”
“Last warning, Elsa”
She shoved him and dragged Tiara into her arms.
“Come, I have to tell you all about the bad guy here”
“I wonder to God what I’m going with you”
“Nothing”, Elsa and Tiara choursed
Tiara laughed again
Elsa smiled, showing all her teeth and grasping Tiara’s shoulders
“Dro, I love her already”
“You simply love anyone who sides with you”
“Comes with the job”
“Not when I spank you”
All three laughed.
“Come in”, she held the gate for Tiara.
“Dro didn’t tell me he was bringing you or I would have something although I have forgotten how to cook”
The two girls laughed, leaving Pedro wondering what they were laughing about.
Where on this earth would she find the key to the wooden box?
This opportunity wouldn’t come again.
Tiara would be coming back any moment.
Anything she has to do, has to be done now……or never.

She thought for a while and finally came up with an idea.
She stood up, wooden box in hand and heading to the bathroom, locked the door behind her.
She gathered all her wit and having only one thought that mattered; that her baby’s life depended on opening this box. She smashed it on the floor..

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