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Must Read: Daughters!!! - Season 1 - Episode 48
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And silence settled with each of them waiting for the other to break the unsettling silence.

Tiara looked away from him. She had to gather her thoughts. It was too much for her. She could never in a thousand years believed Pedro to be a rapist.

She looked at him again, though he was looking away from her but she still see through him that he had changed and she couldn’t place the whole blame on him.

He lived on the streets, so it was pretty justified.
“I could have lied if I wanted to but I told the truth because….”, Pedro broke the silence, still looking far away from Tiara
“Because you love me?”, Tiara asked as Pedro brought his eyes back to her and they locked gaze
“I wasn’t going to say that but I love you, Tiara Michaels”
“Have you spoken to your mum?”, she quickly changed the topic
He toiled with the linen clothe on the table
Tiara wore a questioning look
“She doesn’t want to talk to me or Elsa”, he explained, his expression sad
“When was that?”
“Two years ago”
“You haven’t heard or seen her since? Where is she now?”
“I haven’t heard from her but I see her….from afar. She is at the home of the elderly”
“Why is she there?”
“She doesn’t talk with me or Elsa. Kendrick is in Spain. Richard is a busy lawyer, who barely has time for himself”
“Your brother and your uncle came visiting you today”
“Step brother. They came to ask me to stop the revenge”
“Sounds like a good plan”
She sat up, clearly shocked
“What?…”, Pedro asked when he noticed how alert she had become

“I didn’t know it was begining to wear you out”, she answered
The waitress interrupted them “Sir, both of you have been sitting here for quite sometime now and haven’t ordered anything”, the young waitress explained trying to make her point without trying to sound insultive.
“I will have the hamburger and a bottle of Baileys Irish cream”.
She noted it down and waited for Tiara to name her order.
“Serve me salad”, she ordered, angry that the long- necked waitress had interrupted.
After the waitress that served them and Pedro drinking from his bottle his glass.
“My uncle told me the whole story of how everything had began and asked me to stop the revenge”
He sipped “What’s the whole story?”
She told him everything and his bottle was half finished while she waited for him to say something but he didn’t.
“Well?…”, she asked
“Well, I think you have heard it for yourself.

Everything that happened was a misunderstanding and entirely your Uncle’s fault. Your father, your mum were also at fault.
Your father should have told your mother when he was courting her that he had a son.
Your Uncle should have sticked his nose to his business and leave your mother and father in peace since she had chosen to be with your dad rather than divorce him. He shouldn’t have gone as far as bribe your dad’s former patners to gang up and take him out of his company.
Your mum shouldn’t have refused help from your uncle when he realized he had done the wrong thing and was trying to fix it. Even if she wanted to refuse it, she would have kept in mind how your guys are suffering and simply accepted his help. It wasn’t about her anymore, her family, her children were involved.
Your dad’s partners had gone a little bit too far by trying to eliminate your dad.
Bottom line, I think you should forget about his revenge thing since your father and mother were at fault one way or the other”
The sun was going down and the whole placed seemed quiet, awfully quiet.
She picked the bags from the back of her car.
Well, she was glad that she has gone shopping, it was time for a change of wardrope even though she changed her wardrope one month ago.
She barged into the house with the first sight greeting her was that of Liza curling up on the sofa. Her first thought was to just head straight for the stairs but she stoppes to ask “Are you okay?”, Fiona asked
Liza hadn’t bothered to look at whoever had asked her question
“Yes”, she muttered.
She was in no mood to talk
“Is Tiara in?”
She smiled. She left Liza right on the sofa in the sitting room to carry on with her problems as she carrie on to the stairs and stopped on Tiara’s door. She checked to see if Liza had by any chance followed her up, negative. She nodded and went back to Tiara’s doorstep
She tured the door knob………

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