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Must Read: Daughters!!! - Season 1 - Episode 47
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Garvin stood up “Sweetheart, I’ll leave you to think about what I said. Aiden and I will come by tomorrow. Fiona- where the hell is Fi?”
“I don’t know. Don’t think she’s in”
“Okay. Tell her I came around and that I’m staying at the Sheranton Hotel in case she wants to see me. Give Lizzy my love and we’ll sure talk about her tomorrow”, he walked up to her and gave her a kiss on her cheek “I love you”, he turned to Aiden “Aiden?”

When Aiden looked and saw what he meant, he said “Oh no, Garvin. I’ll meet you outside”
Garvin looked away and nodded to Pedro and left as the door shut behind him.
“Tiara, I know I may have just met you but I have heard a lot about you from Garvin, from dad and from Peggy, and I like you. Please do the right thing. I’d hate for anything to happen to you”, Aiden stood up as he finished speaking. He walked up to Pedro and held out his hand for a handshake and obliged “You must be Pedro”
“How did you-”
“I know a lot about you. Good afternoon”, he said and headed for the door
“I like him”, Pedro said when they had settled on the chair
“Your brother. Aiden.”
“Step brother”, she corrected again.
He laughed and silence took in
“You have a brother”, he broke the silence in absolute shock
“I just found that out today”
“Yeah. Can we talk someplace private?”
“Are you asking me to take you out?”
“Okay. Let’s get out of here”
They were half way to the door when they heard Liza come down
“Are you back fully, Pedro? Are you here to join us destroy your brother?”, Liza asked as they both turned around with Pedro showing comtempt and Tiara biting her lip

“That’s enough, Elizabeth”, Tiara ordered
“No”, Pedro protested, stepping forward “Let her talk”, to Liza he said “You think you know the bad guys?”
“Yes, I do. I have contacts in everywhere. I have people who are waiting on my word to kill your little brother when he steps into this country, whatever time that might be”
“I said enough, Elizabeth. What’s wrong with you?”
“No, Tia, I got this”, he stepped forward again “Who are you gonna call? Rocko and his boys or Snake and his crew or is it Scoripon and his men or Cross and his guys? Is it Ganja’s crew or Poski’s? Tell you what, you’ll go for Cross and his guys because he’s the only one you can afford. Go on call Cross, ask him about me, ask him about Pedro. They know me, they all know me. I give them orders. I give Rocko, Cross, Poski, Snake, Ganja, Scoripon and their men orders and they follow it. You think you’ve seen it aall because you lived on the street for what, three months? You should be grateful you are alive. Don’t look at me that way, you know what I’m talking about. You were raped by one of Rocko’s guys one cold, rainy night but you couldn’t take it, you followed him back to their territory and waited till he slep and you killed him in his sleep but someone saw you and you made a run for it and escaped, barely.”
“What?!”, Tiara shouted
“I’m not done talking, Tia”, he face Liza again “Rocko placed a price on your head and shortly after I started working with your sister, I knew it was you and I called off the haunt. Why do you think since you came back form Switzerland, you walk around freely? Because I save your goddamn life. You only lived on the street for three month, I live there a long time. I got off the street because I was tired and because I was too good for it. Back then, I was a graduate. Back then, I ruled the street, I am Xing, so don’t stand there like you know what it is to live on the street because you don’t. You only had a taste of it”, he finished
Liza threw her head back “You are X?”
“Yeah”, he looked back at Tiara “But I am Pedro now”
“What? The X?”
“Liza you were raped?! And what the hell is this Xing or X thing?!”, Tiara asked
“You should and chat with your sister”, Pedro said as he began heading towards the door and Tiara reaching out to Liza.
“No”, Liza said, making both Tiara and Pedro stop.
“I don’t want to talk about it, Tia. It begins back bad memories that I’d rather they stay hidden”, she finished and headed for the stairs and disappeared.
Tiara sank down
“You care for a drink?”, Pedro asked
“What do you have in your bar?”, he said heading to the bar
“I wasn’t talking about that”
He stopped “No?”
“You want me to take you out?”
“You sure?”
No answer
“Let’s go then”
There was no talk between them on their little journey to the bar. Pedro although, figured he had some explaining to do. He shook his head and exhaled. A lot had happened in his life which was a mess of it’s own but he wanted so badly to tell her everything, if only she could ask. He shook his head again.

Tiara stole a glance at Pedro driving, she could tell he was thinking through lots of things and she wanted more than anything to have him tell it to her. What had the street done to him? And why did he run into the street?.

He seemed to have a lovely family. He has two brothers and a sister, in the army. What about his parents? He never spoke of them. There are lots of mysteries connected to his man in this same car with her, a man she had come to accept that she can’t do without. She’d like to ask but she’s too afraid to ask because of what he might reveal and more scared of what he might not.
The car slowed down as he chose a spot on the parking lot and came to a halt. He unbuckled his seat belt when he heard Tiara say “You don’t talk about your family much”, she voiced her thoughts
He stopped and seemed to think for a while
“You don’t ask questions”
“Well, you don’t ask the right questions”
He got out before she could say something else and went to the other side and opened her door and she stepped out
He took her hand and led into the building that served as a resturant and bar.

He selected a boot at a secluded corner and slip in
“Why did you run to the streets?”, Tiara asked
“Hmmm?”, he asked for a repeat of the question which seemed to have taken him by surprise.
“Right questions, Pedro. Now, I want the right answers”
He couldn’t help the smile that escaped from his lips. He loved these kind of girls. Tiara is his kind of girl
“Where I start from now?”, Pedro asked himself. “Okay. My dad was in the Nigerian army….”, he stopped and looked away. She was not going to back down on this one, but she doesn’t back down on anything. He loved her that way, Pedro thought. He sighed and continued “He was killed by one of his battalion”, he sighed and Tiara saw how painful it was for him to be talking about it but she couldn’t tell him to stop.
“Accidental discharge, they called it. It left my mum devastated”
He shook his head and some seconds Tiara thought he wouldn’t continue. He did “One year and five months after his death, Elsa, my sister anounced that she wanted to join the army and needed my mum to sign the papers but my mum couldn’t hear of it, not after the way my dad died. Elsa wanted so badly to join the army, so she came to me and pleaded. With her puppy dog eyes”, he laughed and continiued “I couldn’t turn her down, so I signed as I am my dad’s next of kin. My mum wouldn’t speak to me, wouldn’t respond to my greetings. I thought I could take it but after Elsa’s training, she was selected to go on a mission. I was scared but didn’t think much of it but when her battalion came back after the mission and Elsa was nowhere to be found, we went to ask of her but her commander broke protocol and told us that Elsa had been captured and being tortured and that an extraction plan was in place and that was it, my mum refused to acknowledge my presence in the house, as if I was no one and distance evolved between my siblings and I. Six months, no news from the army and mum began seeing me as a murderer, like I murdered my own sister. Shortly after that, I began to see myself as that. When I couldn’t take anymore of it, I ran off to the street”
“What happened to the army guy that killed your father?”
“They discharged him dishonorably but I tracked him down”
“What did you do with him?”
“I tracked him down but couldn’t pull the trigger. It pained me that I couldn’t kill the man that killed my father! There he was standing in my front and I couldn’t do it! Damn it!”, his voice slightly raised
She decided to change the subject
“When are you called Xing?”
He didn’t answer.
“Have you ever raped a girl?”, she asked unexpectedly
“I have done lots of things”
“Have you ever raped a girl?”, she asked again, cleary pissed because of how he had evaded her question.
Why the hell is she asking that question? What does it have to do with any of this? Maybe he should give her a dose of her own medicine, he thought.
He too became pissed. “Yes”, he answered. His eyes looking directly into Tiara’s.

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