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Must Read: Daughters!!! - Season 1 - Episode 45
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“Tiara, I thought you’re better than this, smarter than this. Do you really expect me to beg you? Garvin Saunders don’t beg nothing from nobody. I am asking you to stop this madness”
“You call this madness? You asked my dad’s patn-”
“Our dad”, Aiden interrupted her and smiled like it was nothing. She eyed him “You asked my dad’s patners to dissolve his patnership while you backed them up? Do you know what you caused? We were struck by poverty- poverty you enforced on us and my mother- your sister died when she wasn’t supposed to. I took odd jobs. I dropped out of school, so did Fiona and little Liza.

My dad took up drinking and eventually gambling where he was stabbed- and you call this madness. My dad specifically asked for revenage and I am granting him that”
“That’s a lot. Tiara, do you remember how good I was to Fiona and you? I objected the marriage to your father. I tried everything. I even hired a private investigator to do some digging on your old man but everything came out clean- too clean and I became suspicious but my sister was too stubborn that she practically ran off from home to meet him and they got married and I only learnt from a business associate of mine here in Nigeria. I came to Nigeria and I noticed how happy my sister was with your father, I decided to ler her be. I mean seeing her that happy gladdened my heart ‘cos she’d never been that happy since our parents- your grandparents died in an accident but I kept having this nagging feeling and I decided to give my PI another call but he came back with the same result but it wasn’t enough but yet I dismissed the PI and just when I was beginning to give everything up, my PI called and told me he’d followed some leads and it turns out d!ckson had a son and I flew back to Nigeria and told your mom and warned your dad to stay the hell away from my sister. Peggy promised she would file for a divorce and come back to the States with you and Fiona but the next call I got from Peggy was that she was pregnant and of course, I flew back to Nigeria and confronted your dad who swore that he loved Peggy and that his mistake was not telling Peggy about his son and that Peggy loved him too. Of course being the men I was then, I told him he would regret because I would make him pay. Long story short, I made your dad’s patners a deal; to chase d!ckson from the company in anyway that you can and I will back the company and prevent it from bankruptcy and I became the sole investor but they had their eyes unto something big.

They each wanted their own company and liquidized the company. All I had in mind was that Peggy would come to her senses but she didn’t and I tried helping in so many ways but Peggy refused. She was too sure that d!ckson would soon come out of his poverty and maybe walk his way through the top”, Garvin shook his head as if regretting “I tried to help but Peggy wouldn’t just let me and we would have avoided this- all these. I made a mistake and I tried to fix them but Peggy-“, his voice trailed off
“Garvin, you’ve said enough”, Aiden spoke “I think Tiara now understands. This wasn’t your fault- well, I mean, it was yours but you tried to fix it”, he turned to Tiara
“Do you think you can stop this revenge thing? Chanel all your energy to something good, other than revenge? Revenge isn’t worth anything”
“And you know this how?”, Tiara asked
“I spent the last four years taking revenge on my mom”. He looked at Tiara and noted that she was hunger for more information.
“No, that’s a story for another day. So Tiara, as someone who knows firsthand about this thing called revenge, I think you should give it a rest- forever”
“It was my father’s last wish”
“Our father was hurt and injured and mad at the whole world, at everything and everyone when he said or asked you that. And he was drank”. Tiara shot him a look and smiled and added “Probably”
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