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Kylie dropped the phone on the bed and placing her hands on her hips,thinking about what to wear. She moved to her closet and started selecting different items. She finally decided on one.

She quick shower and changed into her party clothes and was doing her makeup when Samuel staggered in. For the past month that seem to be his MO,he leaves the house
in the morning and comes back drunk,sometimes he is so drunk,he falls asleep almost immediately he touches the bed and other times he picked a fight with her and ends up using her as his punching bag like he was
preparing for a boxing match or something.

She ignored him and continued with her makeup
“Where are going dressed like that?” She heard behind her
“Out, to Susan’s birthday”
“Wow, okay”
he replied and sat down on the bed.

She was surprised, he did not try to start a fight or something, she paused waiting for him to begin but since it wasn’t forthcoming she continued with
her makeup and soon she was done. As she stood up to go out,he also stood up
“Errm,is there a problem?” She asked
“Then what is it?”

“Nothing, you said you were going to your sister’s birthday party since am your husband it makes me family so we might as well proceed”

She stared at him with so much hate but he didn’t flinch,she hissed and stormed out and he was right behind her. As soon as she got into her car he
was already at the passenger side knocking and she had no choice but to open the door for him and he entered grinning at her like a kid who just got a present.

They drove in silence and there were moments when she wanted to turn the car around and head back home but the promise she made to her sister was the only thing holding her back.

She parked the car and they
came down then proceeded to the building.

As soon as she stepped in VIP section she was greeted with a lot of cheers and giggles from her pals. She had even forgotten a lot of these ladies existed,she forced herself to smile
“Hi girls,long time” she said and got chorused answers from them with some nodding their heads in agreement.

“Yeah that’s true, I see you came with your husband” said Essie Of course that fool will be the one to speak first,she forced a smile on her face and replied ” actually am not here to hangout with you girls today, its my sisters birthday and we are here to celebrate with her
“Oh my bad,I saw her earlier,she is at the other end with your husband’s ex wife. To be honest I never you guys were in talking terms especially with all the media brouhaha and all that”

“There is a lot of things you don’t know about my family”
and turning to the other girls “goodnight ladies,I will see you some other time” and walk away. She could not believe her sister was with Adanna and did not mention.

She was about to turn around and leave when her eyes got her sister’s and she waved at her. She had no choice but to walk over to them and Samuel was behind her like a bodyguard. “Hello guys” she said as she to their table.

She sat beside her sister and Samuel sat beside her. Everyone just became quiet and stared at them and they stared back. It seemed people from the other tables noticed too because of everyone was looking at them.

“This is really awkward” Samuel said and pick a bottle of champagne from the table and started drinking from it.

” What’s awkward is you showing your face here,who even invited you” said Adams
“I invited myself,last time I checked it was my sister in law’s birthday and not yours so mister shut up” he slurred his words in response
“You know what am done,I can’t sit with this thing” he said and stood up
“Where are you going to Daddy’s boy,now that you can’t have your daddy do your dirty work you want to runaway like the fool you are”

Adams who was already leaving turned around and threw a punch at Samuel who in turn returned the favour and a tussle began and soon bottles were flying and Thomas and some other guys were trying to break the fight,everything was just happening so fast and the security men came and they were asked to leave.

As soon as they got outside,Kylie dragged Samuel towards her and they left while the rest of them entered Adam’s car.

“Adams give me the keys,I don’t think you can drive in the mood you are in” Thomas said,reaching out for the keys and climbed into the driver’s seat while Adams walked over to the passenger seat and buckled himself in.

“The worst birthday party ever” Susan laughed a tight little laugh and look around at everyone in the car
“Am so sorry,I let my emotions got the best of me” Adams turned around to face them “just seeing him there,just brought back all those memories and
couldn’t control myself”

“He had a lot of nerves coming there truth be told”
Thomas chipped in
“Adanna,how are you holding up,you have been quiet the whole time”

Susan placed an arm around her shoulders “see me being selfish talking about my birthday forgetting all about you,am sorry, I never should have invited Kylie,I didn’t even think about how you will feel sef”

“Am okay,like for real I am”

“I would give you a piece of my cake now but it seems like we forgot it at the club”
laughed Susan

“Seeing him today,I don’t know why but I didn’t feel anything at all. Its like…like..I don’t know what I expected to feel or something but I was just blank” she paused as everybody turned and was staring at her “for real,I mean it am fine”.
“Yeah you better be”
Thomas said
“Thomas watch out” Zee screamed.

They all turned their attention to the road and saw a truck heading towards them at full speed and everything went dark.

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