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Must Read: Chronicles Of Temy (My Life On Campus) - Season 1 - Episode 6
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"wait...wait..wait, na joke be this?" I stuttered. I could fell my heart rate beating so fast. I just couldn't phantom or put together what Juliet had just said. It was like I was in another scary dream but this time around I was conscious of reality. I pinched myself, so I could wake up from my dream land but sadly this was not a dream, this was real.

"Temy, Temy.." She said softly. She had this pale innocent face, with a light makeup on. Her smooth light skin showed that she was really taking good care of her body.

"Temy... Temy.. Please listen to me" she

"wetin you wan tell again. Abi, you wan tell me say you are 9 months pregnant" I said, while smiling.

Well, smiling kinda helps in making me feel comfortable. It is like an antidote in solving issues such as this.

"Temy, why are you laughing. Do you think I am joking" she asked.

"no. But why should you bring me over to a restaurant to discuss this kinda issue. It's crazy"
I said, as I sipped my bottle of water.

"I didn't want to come to your house" she said. "I prefer to discuss here, it's quite relaxing over here".

"mm.. Okayy o" I said, still smiling.

"why are you acting like a kid?" She said with a frown.

"oboy! Did you bring me over here to insult me" I rebuked.

She kept silent and said nothing. She was actually beginning to get on my nerve, and I was really getting impatient.

"okay, how... How.. How, many months pregnant are you" I asked.

"just about 3weeks I think, I didn't see my period last month" she said

"okay, no problem" I said

"so what should we do" she asked, looking deeply into my eyes.

"mm, lets keep the baby" I said.

"you said what?" She asked.

"I said lets keep the baby" .

Actually, the truth is I really love kids, and I wished I had one. This was like an opportunity for me, I wasn't being selfish but we just couldn't abort a child, an innocent child for that matter.

"noo, we cant keep it o" she said, with a frown.
"ah ah, why. Two of my very good friends got kids so that one no be issue" I said. "abi, you dey reason who go take care of the kid?. Don't worry God will take control".

Of course I was scared, like how would my dad or mom react to such.

My dad would be like: "so I sponsored you to the university and all you could do was to impregnate all the girls in aau abi. You are not serious. When I was in school I sponsored myself, I had no food to eat, I had just two shirts and a jean, life was hard. I always eat only once in a day. You children of now adays, everything is given to you guys on a platter of gold... Bla bla bla".

My mum on the other hnd would be like : "Temy
do you want to bring disgrace to this family.
Your father sent you to school to learn and not impregnate innocent girls out there. How is she, I hope she's fine. The baby can stay with me, I will train the baby. Don't worry you just focus on school... Bla bla blq".

Well, back to reality. I stayed on the hot sit awaiting her response. But the truth is, could the baby really be mine. Juliet has slept with random dudes such as my crazy neighbour Emafidon and some many others. So I sat there contemplating if I really used a condom or not.

"mehn, I used condom that day o. Abi, but I can remember Thompson taking my condom from my bag and replacing it with kiss condom. He said he preferred mine, but I am sure that I used the kiss condom which he gave me" I sat there wondering.

"Temy I cant keep this baby" she finally said
"why?" I asked, looking curious to know the reason for her refusal.

"no, I just cant keep it" she said.

"noooo, you must keep it o"

"why are you shouting na. You want people to

"just give me a reason why you want to remove
it"? I asked

"I'm too young" she said

"that's a silly excuse"

"I spoke to a friend who is a doctor he told me to bring 35k" she said

"35k... Say wetin happen"

35k sent electric shock to my brain, if I was as old as Wole Soyinka I am sure that I wouldn't have survived that wave. 35k was actually my school fees for a semester.

"abi, Juliet wan scam me" I wondered. "this wan scaming on the spot o"

"Temy, I need the money o" she said

"go meet Emafidon na. At least himself do" I
said, as took my leave.

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Aug 15, 2017
Woow . I love that last respound u gave her . . . Update it fast . .nice story
Aug 15, 2017
I b feel say yhu wan accept the pregnancy.. I for vex for dis story wella
Aug 15, 2017
laugh wan kill me die for here......
abeg come update ASAP
Jul 16, 2018
Please update the story o, it's becoming very interesting
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