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Must Read: Blood for Blood  - Season 2 - Episode 12
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I crumpled the note and stuck it in my pocket. Several things ran through my mind like the whether slow could have possibly been behind what had befallen me, trigger’s death and even that of the senator… I knew that he was capable of worse than that but there was this part of me that always thought him to be more loyal and selfless than trigger….

Trigger in his moment of didn’t exactly portray a thief looking to protect his image and interests… There was one thing I knew for sure though, whoever planned this was very smart, so smart that they actually took me on a jay ride which would have taken my life for sure if not for the timely intervention of alice….

Buried in my thoughts, the journey seemed short but pretty soon I wan standing on alice’s porch… I gave two quick knocks and stopped when I heard the sound of approaching feet which I judged to be alice’s… I thought of an excuse to tell her but didn’t have enough time to whip something up before the door opened…. she was still looking flustered probably because of the revelation I had made to her….
Whatever mood she was in didn’t matter ‘cos right now all I could think about was how sexy she looked in what she wore…..
That was the last thing I could remember before I blacked out…..

I could make out voices talking to each other as I woke.. everything seemed to be a blur as I opened my eyes …….Even the voices seemed to be sounding in two’s making it very difficult to make out what any of them was saying…. steadily but yet slowly my vision cleared…. At least enough for me to see that I was still in alice’s house and sure enough there she was, standing nearby with a man whom I recognized to be the doctor from the hospital I had escaped from…. He toook a step backwards when he realized I was awake clutching his file close to his body as if he was relying on it for protection….. Alice smiled when she saw him do this….

“Alice”, I muttered as I tried to get up…. Rushing over, she helped me sit up as I peered curiously at the doctor, wondering why he was standing there…

“What is he doing here”, I finally asked alice….. calmly looking at me she explained, “well, you passed out and I had to do something, I couldn’t just sit around and watch you. meanwhile, I think you have to listen to what he has to say”… The look in her eyes betrayed her, this was the same look in her eyes when I had threatened her at the hospital for her overalls…… something was amiss and the only person who would enlighten me was the scared doctor….

I stared at him as he cowered in the corner still clutching his files close to his chest. “Why are you so scared”, I asked smiling……. “I think you know why”, Alice replied laughing heartily……

“Well, I don’t have good news”,the doctor began hesitantly…… “I would have given you this news earlier but you didn’t give me a chance to do so. It appears you have a degenerative disease in your brain, the bullet caused pretty much a lot of damage on its way in………..”. I didn’t hear anything else as I stared at the man blankly. Was this the end??? Tears had already started coursing down Alice’s face as she stared at me….. I stared back with my mouth wide agape…..The doctor was right, this wasn’t good news……

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