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Must Read: Blood for Blood  - Season 2 - Episode 11
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Her eyes were wide with shock, she gagged on the mouthful on food she had in her mouth as she regurgitated most of it back onto the plate…. All the while I stared at her with a big grin on my face as if I had been waiting to see her vomit all this while….. she coughed violently but I made no attempt whatsoever to help her, beneath the wry smile I had on my face was a lot of anger mostly caused by the fact that she hadn’t given me a chance to explain anything before putting that bullet in my head…

“It can’t be”, she croaked
“It can be”, I calmly replied, “long time no see ash”

“Please don’t kill me”,
she said with her eyes now filled with tears, I judged the tears to be caused by her nearly fatal gagging incident a while ago and not remorse…

“You didn’t give me a chance to beg before you shot me, did you??”, as much as I tried to contain it, the anger was now written visibly in the tone of my voice….

“How did you expect me to react??, you killed my dad!!”, her teary voice was beginning to sound very convincing but it would take more that that to sway my judgment….

“Your dad?, you told me he was your uncle or are you just going to keep lying to me so I can spare your life”, I shot back…….

“You know very well the kind of work I do”, she stated,”I couldn’t handle the risk of anyone knowing we were directly related until you came along and took him away from me.. one thing I regret more than anything is you not being dead”, I could clearly sense the venom in her voice as she spoke, she was disgusted with herself at not been successful at taking my life…….

“Now calm down before I decide against keeping you alive”, I spat in anger, “how long have we been friends???, only for you to put a bullet in my head because of your silly assumptions”…. she knew better than to say more as she stared blankly into my eyes with fear written all over her face.

“You never gave me a chance to explain anything and I show up now, instead of an apology, all I get is unruly impudence from you….. I’ll give you some time to think about your apology and when your done, meet me here”, I said as I snatched and scribbled an address on the serviette she was using to wipe her mouth…….. I got up and flashing an evil grin at her, I made my way towards the stairs…

Trudging down the stairs, a feeling of fulfillment washed through me forcing a genuine smile out of my angry face.

The receptionist was still there, she obviously thought the smile was for her because she flashed her brilliant white teeth back at me and while I walked past her, she pressed a note into my hand with a seductive wink..

I hadn’t anticipated that in the least so it was quite the pleasant surprise… she was still smiling at me when I walked outside, it was chilly so I put both hands in my pockets and nudged my clothing closer to my body as I sprinted off into a jog to warm up…..

Unraveling the note in my hand, it read,” I like you, let’s meet up sometime” with a phone number inscribed underneath.

This would surely get me in trouble with alice if she saw it….. But what do you know…. Am never one to turn a beautiful lady down..

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