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Added: Jul 16, 2017
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The armed man beside me asked me similar question that was asked my wife that did I know my wife, I quickly replied I know her very well sir. Just as I answered the question they ordered me to stop, sir we are inside the bush sir I said shutup you fool, this is where you will die he shouted on me, they collected the car key from me and throw it into the bush and they lead us through a path inside the bush. The more we move the heavier the bush becomes, we walked for close to 15 minutes before I saw some craft works and juju like objects, I scanned through and was able to spotted 8 people including the men that brought us there, they sat us down and surrounded us, they asked Tosin the same a question again but now the question was asked by the person I assume to be there leader

Leader: madam did you know your husband very well

Tosin; (with tears all over her face) no I did not know him except that …

Leader: shut up you Bytch and Bleeping traitor

With Tosin’s response I was shocked so Tosin really knew this people but who is Tosin, I thought she is my wife maybe I was dreaming I assume, there leader stood up from his seat to address them

Leader: one house fellow Faye’s, today is the day we all have been waiting for, today is the day we reclaimed our lost glory, today is the day we take our long awaited revenge, today is the day our late soldiers souls are rest, today is the day our late brothers from heaven will bless us and today is the day we crucify our number one enemy, long live Faye

All of them respond saying ‘faye till eternity because we rule in heaven’

After the words of the leaders I realised am in bigger soup than I imagine because now I know there aim and reason for capturing me but Tosin is the only puzzle that is unclear to me, there leader instructed Tosin to say her last words to me,

Tosin: Dear, there is no need to hide again, I know you very well but truly I love you, I defiled the order of this group because of you, you let me know what true love is, during our time in campus I was living a double life till I fall in love with you, I was assigned from this group because of the incident that happen on Feb 21 2011, my mission was to know your weak point and when you are most vulnerable because you acted like GOD, you acted as if you are untouchable, you acted as if you are indestructible but I meet another man when I meet you, I completely fall in love you I swear I truly love you and I covered you throughout university days, I did a lot of things to keep you alive but all came to an end yesterday but I hope you trust me please trust me and remember I love you

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