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Must Read: Anniversary Night - Season 1 - Episode 3
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Staying around her makes me happy before but now with the news of her pregnancy am on top of the world, she is everything in my life, she has stayed with me even when I was nobody, even when I was astrayed she corrected me, when nobody believes in me she does, she is the greatest thing in my life. While taking the meal the light of the eatery went off, this is rare because they run on generator 24/7, well I thought the light will be restored back immediately so I calm my queen and told her to exhibit patience that they will restored the power as soon as possible, just as I finish saying this she point to my back as I looked back I saw a black devil pointing gun at me, he wore a black Italian suit and a Gucci shoe, this shows that he is an highly trained killer, he has a very strong masculine feature another one point gun at Tosin too, at first I thought they were robbers that all they came for was money but they showed me they came for another motive as they collected our phones and destroyed it immediately, they packed the scrap and instructed us to move outside , just as we stepped outside they restored the light of the eatery. They lead us into Tosin’s car, one of the armed men instructed me to drive the car he pointed the gun at my waist and the other sat at the back seat with my precious wife, Mr man drive the car to Mahtah road, with fear written all over me I started the car and drove slowly through the highway, silence engrave us in the car as I drove, minutes later the daredevil sitting with my wife coughs and said

Armed men: hey you lady did you really know this your husband very well before getting married to him

Tosin: yes I know him

Armed men: (laughing loudly) are you deceiving me? I said did you know him (he shouted on her)

Tosin: I think so sir
During their conversation, I quickly assumed that this is all about me but who could be after my life, I have hurt no one maybe this is the end of my life because this guys are trained killers but who is so desperate to end my life that will send hired assassin to me but if they are assassin they ought to have shoot me directly at the eatery, what can I do to escape this impending death of mine, I have no phone to contact the police as I was thinking about all this I heard a loud stop at my back, stop are you crazy? Who do you think you are? Stop the car, I did as I was told and they said I should bring out my ATM master card, which I did at once, we collected 50k from my account at the ATM box I begged the guy that followed me to please release me and my wife that I will give the 2 million cash instantly but he replied me that they were not here for my money, he shouted on me Mr man return to the car before I blow your ankle off, am sorry sir I said as I quickly returned to the car.

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