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Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)
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“Are you sure you wanna pay the bill Jack? I mean I know you’re rich and all, but these kids can eat like there’s no tomorrow, they’re definitely taking some food to go,” Jim said.
“It’s fine, go crazy remember? It’s not often everyone’s in one place like this. Hell if the food comes back as good as the appetizers I might take some to go too,” Mr. Jennings said.
“Dad, you should get the word out about this place. Nobody really knows they’re here, and if they get more customers they can expand into a bigger place,” Ashley said.
“I could do that. There’s a lot of openings right off the freeway where some other restaurants relocated, maybe they’d be interested in taking one of those.”
“That’s a pretty big expansion from where they are now to I big building like that. They’d have to hire more staff, buy more food, spend more money, it’s a big step. They have to be willing to do all that extra work those first few months when it’s the hardest,” Jim said.
“Speaking of that Jim, I’m dying to know, what made you get out of the real estate business and go into catering? You were a partner with all the works, what made you give it up?”
“I did that mostly to support my family. Now that we’re taken care of I wanted to get into what my true passion was, cooking. I’ve always wanted my own business but I couldn’t afford to take the chance on it early on, so I stayed with the sure thing in real estate. Once the opportunity rose again, I took it, and I couldn’t be happier. Business is good, the money is good, the food most definitely is good, everything is good all around.”

“Well I for one am happy for you Jim, not only because you got to do what you always wanted to do, but because your leaving gave me an opportunity to take your spot as partner, which I did once Jack bought one of the highest selling properties on the market from me,” dad said.

“Which the decision was made that much easier when I found out what your son did.”

“So everything came full circle. It all worked out for everybody,” mom said.

“You know Mr. Jennings, if you’re looking to adopt a daughter…” Becky started.

“Then you don’t want Becky, I on the other hand am the perfect candidate,” Carina said.

“Please, me and Ashley knew each other first , therefore closest, so it’ll be me,” Dana said.

“I can barely handle Ashley I definitely can’t do three more girls,” Mr. Jennings laughed.

“I tell you one thing, they’ll help you spend some of that money,” Marie joked.
“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea. You know what, I’ll do that. Sometime in the next month I’ll take you ladies on a full day shopping spree on the strip, my treat.”
“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Aunt Lisa said. “What’s the limit, $3000? $4000?”
“Sky’s the limit. You all have the whole day to go crazy.”
All the women cheered at the idea of an all-day unlimited shopping spree and were going over strategies on how to hit every store within a certain order and amount of time to maximize their shopping. The woman kinda blocked the men out after that point. It wasn’t until the guys struck up their own conversations and a little time passed that they even began to acknowledge us again, and by that time Denise was just starting to bring everyone’s food out.
“Ok so I have half of everything now, I have to go back and get the rest, I can only carry so much and there’s so many of you. We’re not used to this many people,” Denise said.

“It’s fine, we can wait a few more seconds. Good food is always worth the wait,” Jim said.

“Thanks, I’ll be right back,” she said as she went to the back for the rest of the food and came back carrying an equally big tray as the first time. “Ok, rest of the food is here.”
“Such a hard worker for someone your age, we’ll have to give you a big tip,” Marie said.
“Thanks, I appreciate it. Are you doing the usual take a plate to go Rita?”
“Yep. Once they all taste the food I’m pretty sure everyone else will too,” Rita said.
“Wait so you eat here, and have a plate ready for when you leave?” Mr. Jennings asked.
“Yep. It’s just that good. You’re gonna want an extra once you try yours, watch.”
“That sounds like a good idea, yes, can you do that for everyone please Denise? Whatever they have we’ll take another one to go, unless you wanna switch
from a salad Becky?”
“Yeah if we’re taking it to go then I’ll switch to a chicken parmesan please,” Becky said.
“Oh jeez, same sides and everything? The cooks aren’t gonna know what to do back there, we usually put out this much food for the whole day, not one sitting.”
“It’s a new day Denise, it’s a new day. Pretty soon you’ll be feeding more people than you thought you ever would, maybe even in a bigger building than this,” Mr. Jennings said.
“Oh we can’t afford that, we barely scraped enough money together to get this place. I know you’re all hungry so I’ll get out of your hair, enjoy your food everybody!”

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