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Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)
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“That went surprisingly well. Who knew Jack was so generous,” mom said.

“He’s like that everywhere. He’s given away so much money it would feed the entire city for a month, but he still probably didn’t put a dent in everything he has,” dad said.
“I’m looking forward to that shopping trip. If he was serious about there not being a limit, I already know exactly where I’m going and what I’m getting,” Aunt Lisa said.
“I’ve only known him for a short time, but from what I know he’s serious,” dad said.
“He’s paying for Denise’s entire college stay, and he’s gonna fly us back in whenever we wanted, among a bunch of other things, all because of one little bullet,” I said.
“That ‘one little bullet’ kept his daughter alive. You heard what the doctor said, if it had hit her or Rita, neither one of them would’ve survived. All the money he has wouldn’t have brought his daughter back. You’re on his good side as long as you’re alive. Anything you’ll ever need he’ll be right there ready to write you a check for it,” dad said.

“I’ll just settle for being on his good side for now,” I laughed.
“Well since you won’t take it I’ll be happy to have him write me a check,” Rita joked.
“He’s taking you shopping too. Just get whatever you need when you go.”
“There are so many things to pick from. I need to make out a list so I don’t forget anything.”
“Yeah that’s a good idea, I should do that too,” mom said, and Aunt Lisa agreed.
“Well while you’re doing all that, I’m gonna head up to bed,” dad said, and I agreed.

“Ok, we’ll be up shortly. This shouldn’t take us too long,” Aunt Lisa said.
“Is it me or did that sound like the ‘We’ll be ready in five minutes’ line?” I asked dad.
“Yep. That’s exactly what it was. We’ll be sleep before they get halfway done.”

“Real funny dad. We’ll be up as soon as we’re done,” Rita said.
Dad and I went upstairs to our respective rooms and closed the door. I shed my clothes and crawled into bed into complete darkness and just lay there, fully content with life. For the first time in our life, we had nothing to worry about, and I mean in all categories, we had NOTHING to worry about. We had a big group of friends, we had our futures plotted out, well for the most part but we knew what we were doing, and everyone that needed to know about my and Rita’s relationship knew about it, and were ok with it. We were going to a new city with good friends where we could be completely open with each other, which is what we wanted most in this world, and if things got hard, we had plenty of people to fall back on. Life is pretty perfect right now, and only one, maybe two things could make it better. After all that we’ve been through the last eleven months, I could wait as long as I needed to for those two things. I couldn’t wait to give her everything she wanted, everything she needed, everything she thought she’d never be able to get. It’s nice that Mr. Jennings volunteered to take them out, but I couldn’t wait for the day that I’d be able to do that myself. I’d do whatever I had to do, for however long I needed to do it, if it meant making Rita happy. No matter what though, through anything that happens, I’d always be happy, as long as I still had Rita by my side.



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