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Must Read: An Incest Birthday (18+)
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“It’ll be ready when you get here. My father said he’ll be here.”

“Perfect. We’ll hash out all the details then. See you bright and early at noon. I hate to leave but I need to get the girls back to the house, my favorite show is about to start.”
“I know how that is. Thank you so much for coming, we’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow it is,” he said as he shook her hand. “Ok girls, to that oversized truck outside!”
We said goodbye to everyone as they left and it was just the Wilsons and the Stevens families sitting at the table. Denise sat down with us and put her hands on her lap.
“Can you believe that just happened? A bigger restaurant? Dad is gonna flip!”
“Like he said, you guys deserve it. This food is too good not to be out there,” I said.
“Are you guys really going to Seattle? I was just starting to like you,” Denise joked.
“Yep, we are. Just something we gotta do. We’ll be back though, a lot,” Rita said.
“Good, and remember our deal, you have to come here whenever you do come back.”
“We will. You might not be in this exact location when we do come back though,” Chris said.
“I know right! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to close up and go tell my dad in person!”
“We’ll get out of your hair then, it is getting pretty late,” dad said.
“I had the cooks put a double serving in your trays, since I know how much you like the food.”
“It won’t go to waste, none of it, I can promise you that,” Rita said.
“I know it won’t. Make sure you come back and see me before you leave for Seattle.”

“Oh yeah we’ll be back plenty of times before then,” Stephanie said.
“Alright and on that note it’s time to get our fat selves up and get home to sleep off all this food, and then wake up an hour later and eat what’s in the trays,” Aunt Lisa laughed.
“And that’s probably exactly what’s gonna happen,” Marie laughed with her.
“Wouldn’t be the first time,” I said. “We do that almost every time we come here.”
“Alright I thought we were leaving so she could close up haha, if we keep starting up conversations we’ll never leave, and then she’ll have to make more food,” Chris said.
“The sad part is he’s right. Let’s get going so she can close up,” Jim said.

We all grabbed up our food, said our goodbyes to Denise and headed to our cars. We then again said goodbye to the Wilsons and left in the same cars we drove there in, with the women in one car and dad and I in the other. We were both so full we didn’t feel the need to talk. Dad just concentrated on the road and I leaned my seat all the way back and took a mini nap. I should’ve known better than to do that because in no time we were back at the house, this time though the women beat us back and were walking up the stairs when we got there. We followed in the house behind then to the kitchen where they were putting their trays in the fridge and laughing to each other about something.

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