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“What’s a little closer, the downtown area or more towards the inner city?” dad asked.

“More like not even five minutes from your house. My promotion means I get transferred back here on a permanent basis because any other promotions after that are here, so I started looking for places around here, and I found one not too far from you guys.”
“You’re selling your house? You just had all that work done on it though,” mom said.
“It’s ok, I’m getting paid in full for it, actually a little more. What they want for the house I can pay and have a hefty amount left over, so I’m taking it.”
“That’s great Lisa! For you career and that you’re moving back close to us! Jim has some good news too, go ahead Jim tell them,” Marie said.

“Well, as you know, my catering business has been picking up lately, but now I just scored a big hit. A hotel is hosting a reunion party and my name came up through the grapevine somehow, so if I do a good job with this one I can make that a permanent event!” Jim said.
“He’d have every reunion that came up for the next few years!” Marie said.
“That’s great Jim, you deserve it. I’m proud of you man,” dad said.
“You wouldn’t be proud because you have my old job would you?” Jim teased.
“Haha, well that helped, but no seriously, not many people get the chance to actually do what they wanted to do, and you’re actually succeeding at it. I’m proud of you.”
“Well this seems like a toasting kind of moment, so glasses up everybody,” Mr. Jennings said to which everyone raised their glasses. “To success, and new beginnings, and a life filled with happiness and great food, whether it be here or Jim’s catering service.”

Everyone laughed as we all clanked glasses and took a sip of our drink, some of us turning it into a competition to see who could drink the rest of their drink first. We kept laughing all the way until Denise made her way back to the table after clearing off a few others.

“So what are we celebrating? I saw everyone cling glasses,” Denise said.
“There’s a lot of good news going around. Jim here is getting new clients with his catering business, the girls are moving in together, Lis is moving back to the city, and the four of them are moving to Seattle to get a fresh start,” Mr. Jennings said.
“Moving to Seattle? But I was just starting to get used to you guys coming here all the time.”
“We’ll be back to visit a lot. We won’t be leaving right away either. We just wanna get out on our own for a while and enjoy life while we’re young,” Rita said.
“That’s at least a half days drive or something like that, won’t you miss our food?”
“We’ll definitely be coming back here whenever we come back into town, that’s not even a question. We have to get out fill of this place,” Stephanie said.
“Speaking of here, how would you and your dad feel about relocating?” Mr. Jennings asked.
“Relocating? To where? We don’t have the money to relocate,” Denise said.
“I’m willing to sponsor your move to a bigger building in a more populated area, which means more business for you, which in turn means more money for you as well..

“I don’t know Mr. Jennings, that’s a lot of money. We’d have to hire more people, buy a lot more food, more tables… I don’t know if we can afford all of that.”
“You won’t have to. I’ll cover the entire upgrade. You just have to promise to keep making the food as good as this and keep them at the same prices and we have a deal.”
“I’d have to tell my dad. We can’t pay it all back right away.”
“It’s not a loan, it’s a gift. You won’t have to pay anything back, ever.”
She looked at him skeptical for a minute. “Why would you do this? You just met us today.”
“I know good people when I see them, and I know good food when I eat it. You’re being greatly underappreciated here. Money shouldn’t keep you from realizing your full potential.”
“Not having money has kept us from a lot of things, but we’re pulling through.”
“Well when someone has a chance to do something about it, namely me, I take advantage of it. My daughter tells me you want to go to college as well?”
“Yeah, I have a long way to go before I can pay for it though. Ashley gave me a more than generous tip though, ten thousand dollars. That helped me out a lot.”

“That was really nice of her. Two things… one, I can’t be outtipped by my daughter, and two, I don’t want you to have to worry about college. I know that’s why you’re killing yourself here, so I’m gonna make it a little easier for you. I’m gonna pay for your entire four years of college.”
She took a step back in shock. “No. No Mr. Jennings I couldn’t let you do that, that’s over…”
“It’s over fifty thousand dollars, and I’m happy to do it, really I am.”
“But Ashley already helped me with my college fund, fifty thousand is too much…”
“Whatever she gave you use that for your dorm room, or if you decide to get an apartment off campus, but that’s included with my offer so basically you’ll have ten thousand dollars for spending money, or you can use it to buy a car, whatever you want to do with it.”
She tried to hold back tears, but couldn’t. “Mr. Jennings, I don’t know what to say.”
“You don’t have to say anything, everybody deserves a chance in this world.”
She leaned down and sq££zed him in a tight hug. “I have to go tell my dad!”
“May I come back with you? I want to tell him about my relocation proposal in person.”
“He’s not here today, I was gonna call him, but I can give you his number, or if you wanted I can call him to come up here tonight or tomorrow.”

“I can meet with him here tomorrow if that’s ok. What time do you open?”
“At ten, but we’re usually preparing all the food still. Could you come at noon?”
“Noon sounds good, I’ll be here at noon then.”
“I’ll go tell him. I can’t believe this is happening. I’ll be back with your take home trays!”

She walked to the back and everyone looked at Mr. Jennings with a smile on their face, and he was going about eating like he just picked up the mail or something.

“What? They deserve it. Food this good should be out there,” Mr. Jennings said.
“What about the full ride through college?” Marie asked.
“Now she won’t have to work as hard since her college is already paid for.”
“Well aren’t you just a big softy,” Aunt Lisa teased. “I’ll say it again, I had you all wrong. I picked you for one of those obnoxious rich types, not the generous giving kind.”
“We’re not all snobs, at least the better half isn’t. I try to do good. If her father accepts my proposal they can be in a new location with a full staff in about three months.”

“I told you the food was good, and you didn’t believe me,” Ashley bragged.
“Looks like everyone thought the food was good, all the plates are clean,” Jim laughed.

Denise walked back to the front with a stack of take home trays. “Here’s half of them, I wrote everyone’s name and order on them so you know whose is whose.”
“Thank you Denise, you can put the bill on here. Put your tip down for double whatever the food costs,” Mr. Jennings said handing her his credit card.
“You’re already doing enough, I don’t need a tip on top of all that…”

“It’s fine. Whatever it is double it, triple it if you want to,” he laughed.
“Thanks sir, I’ll be back with the rest of the trays.”
“Now since you did that for her you gotta do it for all of us,” dad teased.
“Even I don’t have enough money for all the women sitting at this table,” Mr. Jennings joked.
“Damn right you don’t. Don’t think we forgot about our shopping spree,” mom said.
“I’m a man of my word. Guys, I’ll fit you in once I’ve accumulated the money back that was spent on the women, depending on how much they spend…”
“So in other words, you’ll get your turn in a few months,” Becky laughed.
Denise came back to the table with the rest of the trays. “Here you are Mr. Jennings, all set.”
“Thank you. I’ll be sure to be here tomorrow at noon for a steak and baked potato.”

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