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She left the table and almost immediately mom, Marie, and Aunt Lisa looked at Mr. Jennings with that same look Aunt Lisa gave him earlier, this time though like he was up to something.

“So what was that? Did you just hint something at her without her knowing?” mom asked.
“Maybe, maybe not, if her parents want to take it,” Mr. Jennings said.
“You’re offering them a bigger restaurant, I’m sure they’ll take it,” Aunt Lisa said.

“Maybe not. It could be a pride thing, then a new, bugger business plan.” Jim said.
“Well hey let’s not all decide for them, we finally have all this food in front of us after hearing about you go on and on about this place, so let’s try it,” dad said.

Everybody agreed and shut up and started to eat their food. With everyone who had already been there it was nothing new to us because we already knew how good the food was, but with everybody else there was a bunch of ooh and aahs and staring at the food in disbelief of how good it was. Everyone at the table looked to really enjoy what they had in front of them.

“Wow, this really is good! I can’t believe no one knows about this place!” Marie said.

“That’s what we said our first time here.

They’re set up in a bad spot,” Rita said.
“This steak is amazing,” Mr. Jennings said. “It’s nice and juicy and the baked potato is cooked just right. “They can make a fortune if they move to the right location and get some publicity.”
“So you are gonna offer them the deal then dad?” Ashley asked.
“If they wanna take it, yes. More people should be able to eat this food. What’s this, you said, a Greek restaurant? This will definitely fit in the downtown area.”

“You know, I was thinking of opening up my own beauty store…” Becky started.
“Be quiet Becky, no one wants to wear your backwards fashion styles,” Carina laughed.
“Dana’s wearing my top right now, and Ashley’s wearing my pants…”
“Everybody get’s lucky once in a while. In this case you lucked out with a cute top,” Dana said.

“Rita, Randy, didn’t you have some news to share with us today?” mom interrupted.
We laughed at her willingness to end a conversation just to get a straight answer from us, but we told her we’d tell at dinner, and we were at dinner, so then was as good a time as any.
“Haha mom yeah we did. We thought for a long time about our decision, and we officially decided this morning what we were gonna do,” I said.
“What are you talking about? Did something happen we don’t know about?” Marie asked.
“Yeah, we decided we’re gonna move to Seattle,” Rita said.
The table was quiet for a second. Noe necessarily an awkward quiet but more of an in shock kind of quiet. The only ones most likely expecting us to say that was mom, dad, and Aunt Lisa.
“Seattle? You’re going to Seattle? When are you leaving?” Ashley asked.

“Within the year, well within A year, there’s still some things we need to get situated,” I said.
“Seattle huh? Nice place, rains a lot though. What made you pick there?” Mr. Jennings asked.
“It’s far, but not too far, good economy, jobs, entertainment, a lot of things,” Rita said.

“What made you decide to move to Seattle? You don’t like it here anymore?” Jim asked.
“No it’s not that, we figured fresh city fresh start, it’s time to get out on our own,” I said.

I think it clicked in Jim and Marie’s head why we were leaving when we said fresh start. Their faces softened and they smiled when they figured out we were moving out of state so we could have a chance at being together. Ashley caught on too, she just didn’t say anything.
“Well if you feel that’s what you should do, then go for it, we’re behind you. It’s rare young people get to move away at such a young age, so why not. As long as you have a game plan you’ll be fine, but if you ever need anything don’t hesitate to call us,” Marie said.

“Mom, dad,” Chris cut in. “Steph and I decided that we’re going too, we’re moving with them.”
Marie instantly turned to them. “You’re what? You never said anything about going anywhere!”
“We know, we wanted to wait until we were all sure to say anything. We’ve all been talking about it for a while, and the four of us are gonna make the jump to the new city.”
“Any particular reason you decided to move away, or you just wanna get out on your own like Rita and Randy?” Jim asked, fully aware of the real reason they wanted to leave.
“We saw an opportunity when Rita and Randy said they wanted to leave, so we decided to jump on it too. Things will go so much easier if there’s four of us in a new city rather than two.

Expenses will be easier and we can keep each other out of trouble,” Stephanie said.

“Hell if they’re moving then we should all move to Seattle too,” Dana joked.
“So how often are you planning to visit? More than five times a year I hope,” Marie said.
“We’ll be back often, it’s only a twelve hour drive, we can do that easy,” Chris said.
“I believe I can shorten that a bit,” Mr. Jennings said. My helicopter can bring you here and back, the most it would take in either direction is an hour max.”
“You just happened to have a helicopter on standby, that’s amazing,” Rita said.
“I keep one or two in the area if I need to be somewhere fast. As long as I get a heads up I can have a helicopter meet you at the airport and whisk you away back to California.”

“Thanks Mr. Jennings, but don’t you think you’ve one enough for us already?” I asked.

“You saved my daughter’s life, I can give you my entire fortune and that still wouldn’t be enough. These small favors are the least I can do.”
“Well we’d be fools to pick a twelve hour drive over an hour helicopter ride,” Rita said.

“We could come out there and visit too, see how you’re living out there,” Ashley said.
“We could all come and visit you, maybe not at the same time but we could, and on the days we can’t come to you maybe you all can come to us,” mom said.
“So what I’m hearing is we’re all ok with the four of us going to Seattle?” I asked.
“I’m not ok until we have a full discussion about this later,” Becky said.

“We’re all a bit worried, and scared for you, but I think we’re ok with it,” Jim said.
“This is good news!” Stephanie said. “Come on, we can’t be the only ones with good news.”
“Well, we’re all moving into Ashley’s house.

Since we’re always there anyway we figured it would be a lot easier to just shack up with the old ball and chain,” Carina said.
“You’re all moving in? That’s gonna be an endless catfight over clothes, bathroom time, movies to watch, space, hair stuff, everything! But good luck I hope it works out,” Chris joked.

“Multiple bathrooms, and everyone has their own wardrobe, beauty supplies, and everything else you just said. We’re gonna get along just fine, most of the time,” Dana said.

“As long as you don’t stretch out my clothes with those monsters, we’ll be fine,” Becky said.”
“I have some good news too. I’m moving a little closer to you guys,” Aunt Lisa said.

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