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Added: Dec 01, 2018
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Mr Irresistible - Season 1 - Episode 17
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Source: coolval22

comes a time in life of a man when your
living on Earth depends on self-will and
discipline, that is the position I am. I think
I have to stay clear from sex if I want
to live longer on Earth, I love my life more
than sex oohh… my secretary walk in looking
beautiful and hot, I admire her curves
round face, with glittering fair complexion.

I imagine myself sU-Cking her round and
firm b-----s. She was moving her mouth
but I wasn’t hearing any word, I snapped
out of trance with hard-on.

Me: what were you saying?
Secretary: good morning, sir *looking concerned*
Me: morning, you are the new secretary, right? *she caught me staring at her boobs*
Secretary: yes, sir. Am Diana Dante by name *smiling*
Me: it will be nice working with a beautiful lady like you *jackpot*
Secretary: *blushing* thank you, sir. You are loo… *knock sounded at the door* sir, Mr. Samuel Ishi is here to see you.

Me; you can let him in.

She turned to the door shaking her huge a-s
dangerously that I didn’t know my mouth
is opened and am on my feet, staring
and walking like zombie to the door.

Sam: oga coma, is good to have you back, all thanks to Chibaby *stretch his hand for handshake*

Me: *no respond, staring at the door*
Samuel; *grab my two arms and shake me vigorously* call 911, emergency oohh.. a-s madness.

Me: *shrugged him off* your father Samuel *both laughing*
Sam: so you still know my name *continue laughing*
Me: *we shook hand* have a seat bro.

Sam: that your secretary no gree my bleep the treasure between her legs, I will not give up until I c-m inside her.

Me: she is into self-service *Sam, grinned* but there is something more important I want to share with you than sex.

Sam: you know is against office ethics and business etiquette *I frown at him* okay, what is it that you want us to talk about?

I narrated the dreams I had through the week
to him, he shake his head side ways without
saying a word.

Me: Sambisa, my life is in grave danger.

Sam: one of the dream landed you in coma, I think we should see Baba for solutions.

Now the devil want to place his bet in my life,
isn’t good oohh… all this thing that is


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