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Mr Irresistible - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Me; you are welcome to my humble abode, sister G (gorilla)

Deborah: thank you sir, but my name is not Grace.
oohh… mirror will explain better.

Pastor: why do you still choose to call her sister G, even after you have learnt her name. *eyebrows raised*
Me: cause she is bringing the grace of our Lord to my home.

Pastor: thank you for refreshing our spirit, *cleared throat* God has always bless you, and most of all bringing you back to life.
I nodded.

Pastor: who much is given, much is expected.

There is this project going on in the church, I’d want you to get the highest blessing.
I left
to get my cheque book, write down some figures
hand it over the slip of potential wad of cash,
to him, I’d not like pastor Jeremiah to preach
give unto Thee sermon. jumped off from his seat
praising and thanking God. He left afterward
with Sister Gorilla behind, I am still disagreeing on what her name is oohh. .

Me: come and seat here *I shifted*
She settled
close to me wondering why I did that,
maybe she is nervous and cannot believe
her ears.

Me; can I tell you a story?
Deborah:, sir.

Me: there is this rich man who has many cows but they are very stubborn that can resolve to attempted murder, the man went to his good friend to help him out with one of his cows, he left with the hope that he will surely bring it. *staring deeply in her eyes*
she has not suspected anything.

Me: he brought a very skinny cow, that his friends and visitors slam him of doing such.

Me: everyone refused to eat the cow, what do you think should been done to the cow?

Deborah: I will return the skinny cow to my friend, and kill my cow for my visitors.

Me: you are very wise, dear. I will be back and make sure you eat what am going to send.
I asked
Uche to give my visitor a meal, that girl will
leave my house today, but her p---y must
be examined, a pack of condom inside my
short pocket.

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