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Mr Irresistible - Season 1 - Episode 7
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I used all the apparatus in my disposal
not to allow the the power supply to turn her off.
I rub her c--t and the sametime finger f--k her
wet p---y, she spread her legs to give me
more room to continue, wider wider wider,
I knelt between her legs to sU-Ck her p---y.

Her p---y is shaved cleanly just the way I
like my food to be served, the oohhhs and ufffss
m0an!ng sound coming from her mouth
empowered me to do more, she wanted
to sU-Ck my d--k but I turned down the offer.

the black forest rover at my d--k will cause
havoc, all these doctors didn’t bother to treat
those hairs, she get hold of the bed for me
to t----t in from behind, my c--k invaded
her tight p---y, she let out a scream.

I let her get use to my size before moving in and out
slowly then pick pace, her m0an!ng turned
into scream, I let the sweetness of her p---y
to get into my head. I bleep her non stop till
I offload all coma c-m into the rubber.

She had a blissful and wonderful omen
before I hit the c----x, where were both catching
our breaths, when will heard distress

In the process of f-----g our brains out
we alerted closer-bys. She sneak into the toilet
while I remained on my bed when some few
medical team joined me in the room, after
some inquiry they left, one of the nurse
wink at me, nurse baddoo, she caught me
via the smell of the room, nurse Angela
left the bathroom when the coast is cleared
she returned to kiss me but I codedly rejected.

No mouth of toilet cometh to my mountain.

Early in the morning Uche and me zoom out
of the hospital premises, during the drive home
I reminisce on those unpleasant events
happening in my life, I decided to sex starve
Myself two days will do the magic, then
oft increase the number. If not that my d--k
have no respect for faithfulness I’d have been
with my lovely wife, I reached my house
to see another kind of castle built by dusts.

No one even bothered to clean the house
I saw some rodents bathing and skeeters
counting push ups for blood bath.

My blood
Will be too bitter for you, and anything
planning to send me back to hospital holy Ghost fire!

I made a call to cleaners company to
Sparkle the house, I vacated the house for
the meantime for closer hotel. most of
the chat with the receptionist got me glancing at
her big boobs, I scold myself of what am doing.

It took will not to use flirtatious wordings
with her, the next day I parked into my house
to see it clean as f--k. What I needed now
is to employ another housegirl to clean
the house regularly. I ask Adamu to go to a
cyber cafe to make a print for it, payment of
50k and credentials has to do with your
out-look, ugly housegirl needed that is
what I asked Adamu to paste outside the gate
and interview will be done tomorrow.

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