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Mr. Billionaire - Season 1 - Episode 46
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I stormed into Hawke Corp. I stomped my way to the elevator, pressing the button to the top floor with excessive force.

When I was finally on the floor to Liam’s office, he was standing there, waiting for the elevator.

He started, clearly surprised to see me. He titled his head at my pissed expression

I pushed by him, and there she sat. A smirk was on her face as she looked at me.

In vengeance, I raced toward her and hit her right in the nose. Immediate pain shot from my clenched fist and up my arm, but I didn’t feel it. I punched her over and over.

Kate was a b---h, but she didn’t deserved to be murdered. And poor Levi was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He hadn’t deserved to be put in a coma.

Suddenly strong arms were around my waist, pulling me off of Gretchen.

Now that I was focused, I could see that Gretchen’s desk chair was toppled over and the papers on her desk scattered.

She stood up, her face bloodied and bruised.

Liam was holding me close to him, his arms restraining me as I struggled to wiggle out of his grip.

“You b---h,” she shrieked, trying to lunge at me, but Lucas was suddenly there, his face impassive as he held her back.

“You killed Kate!” I shouted.
She looked shocked, her face going red as she snuck a glance at Liam.

“No, I didn’t,” she finally shouted back.
“You’re a f-----g liar!” I was pissed, my whole body trembling. I was aching to hit her again.

“Yvonne, love,” Liam said quietly in my ear. “How do you know Gretchen was the one who did this.”

“Levi’s awake,” I snapped, not taking my eyes off of Gretchen. “He told me what he saw. You framed Kate. I don’t know what your planning, but I’m gonna make you regret it.”

And I shrugged Liam’s arms off of me, storming away.

I waited for the elevator door to open. When it did I went inside and was surprised to see Liam coming to stand beside me.

I sniffed. I hadn’t even realized I’d been crying.

His arms were around me in an instant. I pulled myself together before the elevator doors could open and leaned back to look up at him.

“I’m sorry for kicking a hoe’s a-s at your job,” I apologized.

Liam chuckled. “No need. You look sexy as hell kicking a-s.” He winked.

My face warmed and I rolled my eyes. Leave it to Liam to put me in a good mood again.

We were finally out of the elevator and walking hand in hand out of Hawke Corp. The women looked on in envy as we walked by.

I remembered something.
“Hey, Liam,” I began.
“Hey, Yvonne,” he said sarcastically, holding the door open for me.

“Ha ha,” I responded, pulling my coat around me as the December chill hit me. “When I came to kick Gretchen’s a-s you were leaving. Where were you going?”

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