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Mr. Billionaire - Season 1 - Episode 43
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Ryan rose an eyebrow while simultaneously cocking his head to the side.

“Our situation?” he asked.
“Yeah. He told me why you two hate each other,” I explained.

“Ah, yes,” Ryan nodded.
“He said you were best friend. You, Lucas and him.”

“We were.” A flash of trademark sadness on his face.

“And after Lana died, you became angry with him.”

He flashed a look at me. Then he looked back at the sea of people. We were on top of a tall building, staring down at people who were like ants beneath us.

I was pretty sure this was illegal, but I liked the view so I wasn’t complaining.

“Did Liam tell you how we became best friends?” Ryan asked, turning quickly to face me.
I shook my head when I realized he hadn’t.
Ryan snorted. “Figures,” he muttered. “Liam is always the gentleman.”

Now my curiosity was strong and I wanted to know how they met. Liam rarely ever talked about his past.

“When Liam gave Simon a well deserved a-s kicking, Lucas told you that Liam had been trained by some of the top assassins, didn’t he?”
I nodded, my lips pressing firmly together.

“How did you know about that?” I asked.
Ryan shrugged. “I know a lot of things. It’s what I specialize in, Yvonne. All three of us—Liam, Lucas and I—we can do things that made us special to them.”

“The people who trained us,” he said simply.
“Okay, tell me everything from the beginning,” I ordered.

Ryan’s lips twitched, trying to fight a smile.
“When we were very young, only ten years old, we were kidnapped. It was actually Liam’s fault, they wanted ransom money for Liam. They asked for twenty million dollars. It seems like a lot to people like you and me, but for the Hawke family, twenty million didn’t even make a dent in their pockets.

“There was more than one person who kidnapped us. Three men and two women. They carried an air of power around them. It was Liam who called out who they were. Everyone was looking for them. They were so dangerous no prison cell could hold them, no amount of security could contain them. The state was offering half a million to anyone who could bring them in.”

I leaned forward, imagining three little boys, kidnapped and scared. And I could see in my mind’s eye five badass assassins.
“Lucas thought it would be fun to learn their ways, though he never said it.” Ryan chuckled. “Lucas was always…quiet. Anyway, Liam asked for them to teach us their ways. And they agreed.

“They soon realized we were naturals. And they took us off the grid, no one could find us. We lived under a different name in China and then Japan. We studied and mastered the arts of Kung-Fu, Jujitsu and many others. For five years we trained, became even better than the ones that taught us.”

I tried to imagine it. I thought about Liam’s speed, his grace, his strength, I realized I could imagine Liam being trained by kickass assassins.
“When we finally did return home, we were fifteen. The arts had changed us. Had made us men at such a young age. And that banded us together forever. And that’s how we became best friends.”

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