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Mr. Billionaire - Season 1 - Episode 39
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Liam didn’t even flinch at the price, he just pulled out his credit card and paid. The manager typed in a few things on his computer and nodded, handing Liam his credit card. He gave Liam a key.

“Enjoy your stay, Mr. Hawke and Miss. Michaels.” He flashed a smile at me. “And don’t forget to check out our restaurant and our bar.”

Liam nodded and I smiled and told him thanks.
Liam took my hand and we headed to our room.


Gretchen paced around her room. She had the average Plaza suite, only $850 a night. Nothing compared to the Edwardian suite.

Gretchen looked at her reflection in the mirror, smiling softly.

He was gonna be hers tonight.
They were in Manhattan, hundreds of miles away from Yvonne. Gretchen had to admit this business trip couldn’t’ve come at a better time.
Gretchen knew that away from Yvonne, his head would be clear. Not distracted by that b---h.
She looked at her curves in her tight red dress, her long brunette hair trailed down her back.
She gave herself one last smile before leaving her room.

She had a feeling she’d be sleeping in the Edwardian Suite tonight.


“I honestly didn’t know she was coming,” Liam said to me, pacing the room in front of me.
I was sitting on the king bed, watching him. Liam looked stressed. He was waiting, anxiously, for Lucas to call back.

“Don’t worry, Yvonne, she won’t come anywhere near you,” Liam promised me.
He stopped pacing at sat down beside me, bringing my body close to his and hugging me tightly.

I wasn’t scared of Gretchen. Not at all. I wanted that b---h to try me so I could have an excuse to rearrange her face.

But I knew Liam was worried that she’d hurt me.

The phone rang and Liam quickly picked it up.
“Luke,” he said. “Yeah, she’s here.”
Luke said something on the other end. Whatever he said makes Liam nod in agreement.
“I have a meeting tomorrow at 3:00.” Liam shot a look at me, his lips tightened and he said, “Can you have him here by then?”
After a silence Liam nodded.

“Good.” Liam visibly relaxed.
He hung up and looked at me, his eyes tight.
“Ryan will be here tomorrow to keep you safe until I get back.”

He said the words so softly, but his blue eyes were cold as ice.

“Why do you and Ryan hate each other so much?” I finally asked. I couldn’t ignore the way they seethed every time the others’ name was mentioned.

Liam’s full lips turned down at the corners before he smiled mischievously.

“I’ll tell you if you go out with me tonight.”
I rolled my eyes at him. Like he even had to ask.
“Of course,” I said to him, grinning.
“I’ll explain my situation with Ryan over dinner.” He was smiling but it didn’t reach his eyes.

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