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Mr. Billionaire - Season 1 - Episode 36
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“Right away.” Chauncey turned on his heel and left.

Liam turned and looked out of the clear window and at Yvonne.

He had promised her he’d take care of this mess and that’s exactly what he would do.
He’d take care of Gretchen and Kate. When he was done with them, they’d be too far away to ever bother his Yvonne again.


I looked at Simon and he looked at me. I felt awkward. We were just looking at each other. I feel nervous but this nervousness isn’t the nervousness I used to feel in his presence. This isn’t a case of the butterflies.

I was nervous because I hadn’t talked to him one-on-one in so long.

We had been friends once— best
friends. And now look at us, staring at each other awkwardly.

How sad, I thought.
“I don’t think Kate loves me,” he blurted out.
I blinked at him. I was caught off guard. I hadn’t expected this.

I sighed, shifting my gaze skyward and silently asking the Lord to give me strength because in that moment I wanted to hit Simon.

I wanted to punch him in the mouth.
And not because he broke my heart in what seemed like an eternity ago, but because he was stupid.

Kate didn’t love anyone but herself.
Even the dumbest of the dumb could figure that out.

“And you’re tell me this because?” I asked him, my voice uncharacteristically harsh.
Simon swallowed and looked at me.
“Because I want you back, Yvonne.”

I just stared at him. Was he kidding me? After mangaling by heart and leaving it in pieces, he wanted me back.

After cheating on me and dumping me an hour before our wedding he had the nerve to stand here before me and say he wanted me back.
My next move was involuntary. I pulled my arm back, curling my hand into a tight fist and punched him.

There was a meaty thwak! sound and he groaned, clutching his jaw.

“No,” I said simply. “You had your chance. You blew it. I love someone else now.”
I surprised myself a little. Did I just say I loved Liam?

I didn’t have a chance to ponder over this, however, because Simon lifted himself up and he glared at me.

“You won’t be able to keep him,” he spat, blood flying out of his mouth. “Not when you don’t even f--k.”

I laughed in his face. I laughed at how pathetic he was. I laughed as I wondered what I ever saw in him. I laughed as I truly realized the difference between this boy and the man I now had.
“Goodbye, Simon.” I turned to walk away.
“No, we’re not done talking,” Simon shouted grabbing my arm with brute force.

“Ow,” I cried out involuntarily, before struggling to get free.

He smirked at me. I don’t think I could ever forget how he looked in that moment: wild, crazed.

“Where’s the man you love now?” he taunted, tightening his grip.

“Right here, ” I heard that unmistakable voice say before a fist shot out past my face and hit Simon right in the nose.

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