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Mr. Billionaire - Season 1 - Episode 27
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I could lose my heart tonight
if you don’t turn and walk away
’Cause the way I feel I might
lose control and let you stay
’Cause I could take you in my arms
And never let go

—I Could Fall In Love, Selena
Dress shopping was awkward. Kayleen looked uncomfortable the entire time and I was smiling effortlessly—even though I had strangled Kate about five times mentally.

I seriously wondered how Kate and I had ever even been best friends. I mean, seriously, she was a b---h. She was snooty and snobby. She was the literal definition of the word ‘bitchy.’
We had finally found her perfect dress. Made of swirling white fabric and a beautiful lace bodice. It reminded me of my dress. The dress I had worn when my heart was shattered for the first time.

We were now in Red Robin, Kayleen sitting beside me in a booth and Kate sitting across from us.

After we ordered, Kate turned and looked at me.
“So, Vonnie, dating a successful billionaire. I gotta say, congratulations.” She smiled. “I mean who knew you could end up with Liam Hawke. And to be with him for over a year behind Simon’s back.” She cocked her head to the side. “There are sides to you I never even knew.”

I looked at her. As a woman, I knew when other women were being bitchy. I mean, women have b---h-radar. But Kate had a different style of bitchy. She’d cover up her bitchiness with sugar-coated sweetness, so that anyone around would think she was the sweetest girl on planet Earth.

And the way she emphasized how shocked she was a black woman like me could snag a handsome, rich, successful white man like Liam was downright insulting. And once, that would’ve gotten to me.

But not anymore.

After being hunted by a killer assassin, going into the forest with him and having Liam’s crazed assistant trailing my a-s, Kate couldn’t even phase me.

I smiled and said, “Well, thank you, but I really don’t need your
congratulations. Besides like I said before, Simon was busy with you. And I was depressed for a while until Liam came along.”

“That’s great, Vonnie,” she smiled innocently and I knew she was about to go in for the kill. “But how do you keep a Playboy like Liam interested in
you? ”

I knew I was probably gonna regret asking but I asked anyway.

“What do you mean Kate?”
“Well if I know you—and I do — I’m sure you’re too prude to let him have sex with you. I mean you and Simon dated for years and you didn’t have sex with him. Which is obviously why he got bored with you and came to me.”
Before I could launch myself across the table and claw her eyes out, our waiter came and sat our food down in front of us. I took that time to calm down and calculate a cunning response. If I let her see she was getting to me, it would only please her. And I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of seeing me angry.

After our waiter was gone, I looked at her and smiled blissfully. Kayleen shifted awkwardly in her seat.

“Actually, Kate, when I met Liam I immediately knew that he was going to be the one. And after a side by side comparison between him and Simon, Simon doesn’t even come close. And one night when Simon had to “work late” again for the third time that week, I went over to Liam’s and he made love to me.” I smiled blissfully, as if I were remembering that day. “And let me just say, I’m so glad I waited. I did not want Simon to have my virginity. But Liam…he knows exactly what I want.” I smiled right at her.

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