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Mr. Billionaire - Season 1 - Episode 26
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Ryan’s mouth turned downward in a bitter scowl, but he nodded.

He stood up and led the way.


When we finally arrived, the party was winding down. The guests were leaving.
I turned to Ryan and smiled.

“I never thought I’d be saying this to you, but I had fun with you.”

He tilted his head to the side in shock.
“Really.” I smiled. “Bye, Ryan.”
I walked away from him and walked back to the mansion. I bumped into someone and I looked up.
Simon and Kate.

“Oh, Simon, Kate, hi,” I greeted them awkwardly.

“Yvonne where have you been?” Kate yelped, her eyes widening with false worry. “Liam was looking everywhere for you.”

“Oh,” I responded, thinking about how pissed Liam would be after he got over the euphoric fact that I was safe.

I frowned. “I should probably go find him. Apologize for making him worry.”
Simon scoffed in disgust and walked off. I almost grinned. Despite everything that happened with Ryan and Gretchen, my original plan was still working.

“I should go after Simon,” Kate stammered. She started off, then turned back around as if she just remembered something.

“Oh and by the way, we’re going dress shopping tomorrow. And since you’re my bridesmaid you should come.”

Ah, s--t, I forgot about that.

I forced a smile and nodded, turning around and stepping into the house.

I was instantly greeted by Martia’s loud mouth.
“I thought you were f-----g dead,” she yelled, looking pissed.

Levi and Kayleen were yelling over each other at me.

“All right, guys, let’s relax,” Chauncey said soothingly.

“Chauncey is right,” Liam said, suddenly stepping into the room.

His costume was rumpled and his hair was disheveled. He still managed to look stunningly handsome even though he looked like he’d been through hell.

“Can everyone please leave? I’d like to talk to Yvonne alone.”

I was about to get my a-s handed to me. Everyone else seemed to sense that as well.
William and Carole headed upstairs. Kayleen, Martia, Levi and Chauncey left to go home.
I walked toward the sofa, keeping my back to him. I sat down the diamond and gold encrusted headpiece.

I kept my back to him for a long while, afraid to face his anger. I could feel his blue eyes burning into me.

But finally I’d had enough of the silence.
“Just say something,” I said, turning.
“What do you want me to say?” he asked quietly, his voice surprisingly calm.

“I don’t know, yell at me, scream at me. Do something.”

Liam walked toward me until his shoes were flush with my sandals.

I swallowed hard, my heart pounding as he reached out and touched my cheek. His hand was warm and gentle. His fingers gently stroking my cheek as he looked into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity. And suddenly I was in his arms and he was holding me dangerously close.

I knew he could feel every frantic beat my heart made. How could he not? Every line of my body was pressed up against his.

“I was so worried about you,” he spoke softly in my ear.

I gave an involuntary shiver and he chuckled, his breath tickling my ear.

He pulled away and cupped both of my cheeks in his powerful yet gentle hands.

“I’m glad you’re okay. Did he hurt you?”
“No, he didn’t. I’m fine. He was actually…nice to me.”

Liam nodded, his lips pulling into a thin line.
“Of course. I knew he wouldn’t hurt you, but I wanted to be sure,” he murmured to himself.
I looked at him and the realization dawned on me that Liam knew about Lana.

Before I could ask though, Liam smiled gently.
“You must be tired,” he said quietly. “Go get some rest.”

And then his soft, warm lips touched my cheek.
My heart was in my throat as I nodded and turned to go upstairs.


“I thought we discussed this,” Gretchen yelled at him, her face twisted in rage. “You would’ve gotten what you wanted. You could’ve had her for the rest of your life. All you had to do was take her and leave.”

“But I wouldn’t really have her, would I? She would loathe me the entire time. I don’t want that.” He looked at the brunette before him. “If you want Liam, win him over with who you are. If he doesn’t love you, then he doesn’t love you. Just move on.”

Gretchen’s lips curled back over her teeth in an animal-like snarl. And Ryan knew then that her heart was even more tainted than his. She was lost in a bigger, darker part of herself.
“Since you won’t take care of her, I’ll find someone who will.”

And she stormed out.

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