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Mr. Billionaire - Season 1 - Episode 21
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“Oh, Yvonne, I’m so grateful for your help today,” Carole said, smiling kindly at me. “Things can get so stressful when we plan the Halloween Masquerade Ball.” She frowned. “I shudder to think about the Christmas party, then the New Year’s party.” She placed her forefingers on her temple and took deep breaths muttering, “Deep breaths, Carole. Deep breaths.”

I smiled at her. “It was really my pleasure. I can help you with the Christmas and New Year’s party if you’d like.”

She smiled at me. “If it’s not too much of an imposition, I’d love that.”

I laughed. “No imposition at all, Mrs. Hawke.”
“Please, Yvonne, I’ve asked this of you a million times.” She shook her head. “Call me Carole.”

“Right. Carole.”
She grinned at me, flashing her pearly white teeth and said, “Shall we get to work?”
“Yes we shall,” I responded.


“I can’t believe you were actually able to convince Yvonne not to come to work today,” Daniel Grover scoffed at Liam. He sat in the chair right across from Liam, glaring at him belligerently over the oak desk.
“Yvonne’s safety is in question,” Liam responded, looking at Daniel in disgust. “You’ve been in love with her for years, shouldn’t you care?”
“Of course I care,” Daniel snarled incredulously. “And you don’t know anything about me. How are you gonna categorize my feelings for Yvonne?”

Liam raised one perfect eyebrow. “So, are you objecting to being in love with her?”
Daniel’s nostrils flared–both in indignation and embarrassment. He remained quiet.
Liam smirked and said, “That’s what I thought. I understand why you find her appealing. She has quite a personality.”
“You sound like you’re in love with her,” Daniel observed.

“I don’t know if I’d call wanting someone in my bed being in love.” He said it so surely but why did it feel untrue?

“Why did you ask me here anyway?”
“I need your help,” Liam stated simply.
Daniel eyed Liam with mistrust.

“Really? And why would I help you ?” Daniel scoffed, not believing his ears.
“Because you love Yvonne.”


“Levi, I really don’t think this is a good idea,” I complained.

“B---h, it’s a wonderful idea.” He rolled his eyes.

After Carole and I had called caterers, interviewed three DJs, talked to a party planner and went to numerous stores in search of the perfect Halloween decorations, Levi came over and stole me away. I’d been running all over town all day and really did not want to be whisked away. But once Levi wanted something there was no use fighting him.

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