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Mr. Billionaire - Season 1 - Episode 13
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“No, it’s okay,” I interrupted him. “She was looking out for her kid. Can’t really be mad at her for that.”

Liam smiled and suddenly his expression changed. Uh oh, I knew that look. He walked closer to me slowly. I tried to back up, but my back just hit the wall. He placed his hands on either side of my head and leaned forward.
“Tell me something, Yvonne.”

My heart was going crazy in my chest, flipping and dancing and jumping wildly. And where his breath caressed my skin, I burned.

“What?” I was pleased my voice didn’t tremble.

He cocked his head and asked, “How do you feel about me?”

How unexpected. I scanned my mind, searching for the answer.

“I feel grateful to you for being part in this plan to avenge my broken heart.” I chuckled nervously.

He shook his head. “I didn’t ask if you were grateful to me. I asked you how you felt about me.”

I looked at him for a moment until finally I had my answer.

“I think you’re a flirt. I also think you want to have sex with me.” I frowned.

“True and true.” Liam smiled. “I suppose I do flirt a lot. But I have to make sure women are comfortable in my presence. And, yes, I guess it’s very obvious I want to have sex with you.” He smirked. “That’s no secret.”

“Well, I’m not one of your bimbos, Liam. I’m only here to finish the plan.”

He looked straight at me. I felt like I was melting under his intense gaze. I couldn’t understand how eyes that were closer to ice than fire could leave my skin burning. I could understand why so many girls were so willing to jump into bed with Liam. Liam was literally sexiness personified. He was every girls’ fantasy. Everything you wanted to show off to everyone. But still, I couldn’t let myself fall for that. I wouldn’t let myself be another notch under his belt.

“I’m gonna go now,” I whispered, slipping by him.

I fled as quickly as possible. Liam Hawke was gonna be the death of me.


I had just taken my shower and I was now wearing sweatpants and a crop top. I was just lying down on the edge of my bed, reading, when a soft knock sounded on my door. I got up and went to open it and met Carole. She grinned at me and sq££zed her way inside. She looked at what I was wearing and shook her head.
“No, no, no. That simply won’t do.”
“What?” I looked down at my outfit and back at her.

“Liam and William are meeting with some important investors for Hawke Corp. And you and I are going with them.”

“What? Why?” I shrieked.

She smiled. “Oh, darling, I can tell my little Liam is in love with you. And perhaps one day, you will become Mrs. Liam Hawke.” Her face slowly turned serious as she spoke. “You have to learn how to conduct yourself at one of these events now, so that when my son does marry you you’ll be prepared for this.”

It was actually pretty funny how she thought Liam was in love with me. I’m pretty sure Liam was incapable of feeling anything other than lust. Guys like him just wanted to stick it anywhere and everywhere. Carole was shoving a bag I hadn’t noticed she was carrying into my hands.
“Here, put this on.”

I stripped down and put on the clothes Carole had selected. It was a thigh length business style black dress. But it wasn’t boring, this dress was a knockout. The way it clung to me was loose enough to show I was a lady, but tight enough to show my womanly curves. The neckline was neither too low or too high. The heels I wore weren’t skyscraping heels, but they were more businesslike.

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