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Mr. Billionaire - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Meeting Liam’s parents was the perfect definition of ‘awkward.’ However his father eventually took a great liking to me. His mother on the other hand seemed to hate me. We were sitting around in the spacious living room. To my horror, Liam had introduced me as his girlfriend.
“Liam, whatever happened to Gretchen?” his mother asked.

I internally rolled my eyes and basically just pretended she hadn’t said anything. If she thought bringing up Gretchen was gonna piss me off, she had another thing coming. She wasn’t in the loop and didn’t know that me and her dear baby boy weren’t really together.

“You know I didn’t really date Gretchen, mom.” Liam looked extremely annoyed.
“Well, I always thought you should.” His mother shot a look at me and forced a smile. “So, Yvonne, darling, where did you say you worked again?”

“I work at Grover Inc. I’m a fashion expert.”
“Really? So you must work for Daniel Grover then, right.”

“Yes, I do.” It took every ounce of strength in my body to refrain from rolling my eyes.
“Well, I’ve heard that Daniel has affairs with his female employees. It makes me wonder how you got your job.”

“Mom!” Liam yelled, his face was livid as he stared at his mother.

“Carole, that’s enough,” Liam’s father–who preferred to be called William –intervened. He frowned as well, matching Liam’s frown.

I stood up and looked at her. “I got my job because I’m talented. I’m one of the best employees in my company. I don’t need to sleep with anyone to get anything. That includes your son. So if you think Liam and I have been humping like rabbits, you’re wrong. I don’t want anything from you, from Daniel, from your son or anyone else.” I walked away.

I didn’t make it very far before a gentle hand stopped me. The hand was too small to be Liam’s. I turned and I came face to face with Carole.

“Congratulations!” she cried, hugging me.
I blinked. I looked at Liam and William, they looked just as surprised as I felt.
“What?” I asked as she let me go.
“You passed my test.” She grinned like a madman.

I stared at her with my mouth agape, clearly I hadn’t heard her correctly.
Her grin grew wider and I now understood where Liam got his smile from.

“The girls Liam brings home are normally so vast and empty in here.” She tapped her forehead. “I always test them, the same way I tested you. But usually they’re spineless and they actually let me intimidate them.” She laughed. “But not you. You stood up for yourself. And that’s the kind of woman I want my little Liam to be with. Someone strong and independent, someone who can challenge him. You’ll make him happy,” she said quieter so only I could hear. “Just take care of him.” She smiled softly.

Before I could respond, she turned and left. She went to her husband and whispered something in his ear. He grinned at her and looked at us.
“Liam, why don’t you go take care of Yvonne? I’m gonna have a talk with your mother.”

As they walked away, I saw William grab Carole’s butt.

Liam shielded his eyes, looking like he wanted to throw up. I laughed.

He looked at me and grinned. “Sorry about my mom,” he apologized, shaking his head and looking very embarrassed. “I didn’t know she was gonna–”

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