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Mr. Billionaire - Season 1 - Episode 10
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This was singlehandedly the most
awkward situation in the world , I thought as I smiled woodenly at the couple in front of me. Kate and Simon–my ex-best friend and my ex- fiancé – stood before me, holding hands and looking like the picture perfect couple.

Liam tightened his hand on mine, seemingly sensing my discomfort.

“Simon, Kate, I’m so glad to see you,” I lied, my heart felt like it was breaking all over again. I suddenly wasn’t so sure about this plan anymore.

“I’m glad you forgave us.” Kate smiled. “I mean, holding a grudge would’ve not been classy.”

Yeah, but fu-Ckin my fiancé was SO
classy, I thought sarcastically, refraining from rolling my eyes. I had known Kate for years and I could see what she was trying to do. If it was a war she wanted, then it was a war she’d get.
Simon looked at my hand in Liam’s and then he looked at Liam. He sized him up for a moment, then said, “So, you’re the famous Liam Hawke, huh?”

Liam flashed his pearly white teeth and Kate looked like she was ready to drop her [email protected]
“The one and only,” Liam replied.

“Huh.” Simon looked at me like I had betrayed him. Who the hell gave him

the right to look at me like I betrayed him?
I was actually starting to enjoy myself. I laced my fingers through Liam’s and smiled innocently at Simon and Kate.

“Why don’t we have breakfast?”
“Good idea,” Liam said, grinning at me. “The cooks have worked very hard to prepare a delicious breakfast for us.”

I took great pleasure in the surprise and envy on their faces when Liam said ‘the cooks.’

Liam and I led the way to the dining room. Once we were there I heard Kate gasp and heard Simon grumble, “It’s not that great,” angrily. The dining room table was filled with food. Pancakes, waffles, sausage, bacon, eggs, fruits, syrup and two pitchers. One was filled with lemonade, the other was filled with orange juice.
My mouth was watering and my stomach was growling as Liam walked me to my seat. He pulled my chair out for me and after I was settled, he took a seat beside me. Kate was glaring at Simon and tapping her foot impatiently, waiting for him to pull her chair out for her like Liam had done for me.

After Simon finally pulled her chair out for her, we all dug in.

After breakfast we all sat down in the enormous living room. Liam and I sat on the love seat and Kate and Simon sat across from us.

“Breakfast was amazing,” Kate said, smiling at us–her eyes were more drawn to Liam though. “Thanks for inviting us, Vonna.”
I flinched internally at the childhood nickname and smiled stiffly at her.

“Yeah, of course.” The hate for the pain they had caused me was burning deep in my core. But it made me stronger. “You know, when Kayleen told me you were getting married, I was a little shocked. But after a talk with Liam, I realized that Simon and I had done the same thing. He was unfaithful, my heart belonged to someone else. I realized I shouldn’t be upset, I should be happy for you.”

Simon looked at me in shock and asked, “What do you mean we did the same thing?”

I looked up at Liam and he smirked, looked at Simon and said, “Yvonne and I have been seeing each other for a year and a half.”

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