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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 32
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He stood there holding his face in surprise. “I I I d..don’t mean to”I said stammering. He looked at me and shook his head in agreement without a word from him. He went for his bicycle and drove off. I stood there looking at him until he disappear from my sight. I looked down at the necklace he put on my neck. “It’s pretty”I said touching the necklace. “But why did I first closed my eyes in the first place? Huh this is driving me crazy”I said messing up my hair with my hand. I went inside and closed the gate.

I got to the living room and saw my mum and little brother watching TV, I went to sit on the coach to join them. “Nicky do you know your birthday is next week? Or do you forget that also?”my mum Asked looking at me. “I don’t, how can I forget my birth date?” I said looking at the calendar in the living room. “Since this is your 18th birthday, your dad and I will be having a big party for you”she said smiling. “Thank you mum. I love you”I said hugging her.
I went to school early on Monday and went to the library to pick up some books. I entered and went through the first roll. I noticed someone sleeping at a corner, resting his head to the wall and using a book to cover his face. “Sleeping This early”I thought to myself looking down at him. I noticed his phone ringing, he removed the book from his face to look at the phone. I now saw his face. “Mick?”I said muttering to my self. He stood up and dusted his trouser. “Hey why are you sleeping here this early? Don’t you get some sleep at home?”I asked him as he slipped back the phone into his pocket. He looked at me for a long time not saying anything. “Why? Are you concern about me?”he asked looking at me. “Oh that’s true why am I asking?”I said and turned to leave. “I’ll be waiting for you, till the day you remember me, and am sorry for the past, this is more than a heart breaking nicky. How long are we keeping this up, please nicky don’t keep me waiting too long”he said as I turned my back to him. He left after saying this. I noticed something unusual. tears rolled Down my cheek unknowingly. “Why am I tearing up? What is this?”I said as I wiped the tears from my face. I took up some books and went straight to my class. I got to my noisy class and dropped the Books on my desks. I went to my seat burying my face down on the book. “Why am I so down by his words? Why does it hits me in the heart?”I was thinking all this when I noticed someone standing in my front. I raised up my head and and saw this mia and a girl standing beside her. Probably her friend. I rolled my eyes and stood up on my feet. “What do you want this time?”I said looking at them. “Am here to take revenge of what you did to me the other time”she said folding her arms. I smiled and looked at her.”see I don’t have time for s--t this time, so get lost”I said and sat back on my seat. “I heard you lost some of your memories when you had that accident. That’s why you don’t know who I am”she said looking at me. “I got up from my seat and faced her. “And who are you? The most beautiful girl in this school?”I said looking at her. “Let me tell you something. Anytime I see your face I feel like throwing up. Are you from another planet? Because you’re so ugly. My dog is even more prettier than you”I said putting on a fake smile. The whole class bursted in laughter. She looked at me breathing heavily from anger. “Will you get lost or you want me to pull out all your hair?”I said looking at her in anger. “Let’s go mia”her friend said pulling her hand. She forced her hand from her and walked out angrily. “That evil witch. Is she even human?”I said packing the books inside my bag.

Mia’s POV

I walked out of the class angrily and stood at a corner. Susan came after me”She has really changed a lot. I can’t believe that’s the weak nicky I once known”susan said standing beside me. I looked at her in anger”will you shut it? It’s because am going lightly on her this time. You wait and see. I will surely pay her back”I said angrily. “Hmm Can you handle this current nicky?”susan asked looking at me. “You also don’t believe me? Get lost I hate everybody”I said feeling frustrated. I went on leaving susan behind. I walked by the field and heard some female students gossiping about me. “Mia used to bully nicky then, but now, she is the victim”a girl said. “I heard she used to be a bully right from her former school, and a girl even committed suicide due to her evil acts”another girl said. “What an evil witch. I don’t want her in our school she’s so evil”another girl said. I can’t take all this anymore, so I walked to them”is that what you we’re taught? To talk about others behind them”I said as I got to them. A girl walked to me folding her arms together”and you, were you taught to pick on other weak students for fun?”she said looking at me. “How dare you talk to me like that?”I said trying to hit her. A girl held my hand tight and flung it in the air. “That can’t work on us”she said looking straight into my eyes. “Bring it up on girls”she said facing the remaining three girls at her back. They started spilling their coffee on me one after the other. A girl even threw some dirt at me. “What are you guys doing?”I heard Sammy’s voice from behind. The girls looked at me and they quickly walked off leaving me in a mess. Sammy got closer to me and wiped my face with his handkerchief. I looked at him and moved my face from him”I don’t deserve your pity”I said not looking at him. “Am not pitying you, I just hate seeing all these acts”he said. He took my hand and placed the handkerchief on it. He took off his school jacket and covered me with it. After doing that, he left. I looked back at him as he walked on and tears rolled down my cheek. “How can he be so nice to me despite being hurt by me before”I said to myself in tears.

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