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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 31
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He looked at me smiling. I think he’s happy to hear that. “you were the guy from the hospital”I said looking at him. His expression changed immediately I said that. But why? I thought to myself looking at them as they all stared at me in surprise.

“This is getting more serious”I heard vick said shaking his head. They all looked at me in silent. “Why? Didn’t I get his name right?”I asked looking at them.”I think I need to go, I will see you guys around”I said standing up.”ok bye”vick said looking at me as I took Mary’s hand and dragged her along with me. We almost got to the class when mary stopped”Hey wait”mary said pulling her hand from me. “What was that earlier?”she asked looking at me. “What do you mean?”I asked her. “You and mick were….”she stopped and looked at me. “What is that? We are what”I asked her trying to make her complete the statement. “You guys were dating before you had that accident”she said putting on a serious face. “You mean I used to date that guy called mick?”I asked her surprisingly. “But I think I like sammy better, how can I date mick?”I asked mary. Mary looked at me shaking her head in pity. “So what happened between us?”I asked her. She looked at me and stared away. “Why? Do we have bad relationship?”I asked her. “Never mind, I prayed you recover your memories soon”She looked at me and walked on. I followed her and we both went to the class.
**A girl was standing on a very high top, trying to jump off. She tured back slowly with tears on her face. A guy tried to save her by pulling her back from the top but the guys face was not clear**

I quickly got up from my bed breathing heavily from the bad dream. “The girl crying in my dream was me”I said in a whisper. But why am I up there? Was I trying to commit suicide? Why?” I thought to myself looking scared. And that guy that saved me who is he?
“This is a bad dream” I said rapping myself in my warm blanket.
I got up early on Saturday morning and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I came back and saw a text message on my phone. I opened it and it goes…

“Good morning nicky, how was your. Night. Pls meet me at your gate I have something to show you”the message is from mick. I don’t even know I have his number. What does he wants to show me? How does he even know my house?. I asked myself so many questions I can’t understand. I quickly changed my night wear, putting on a small pink short and a blue long sleeved top. I walked to the gate and opened it slowly popping my head out to see if he’s really outside. I saw him at the right corner of the gate holding his bicycle beside him. He was really deep in thought, I wonder what he was thinking about so serious. I moved out closing the gate behind me. “Hey”I said to him to call back his attention. Immediately he saw me, he quickly moved to me”nicky thank you for showing up”he said looking at me. “How do you know my house?”I asked him confusingly. “Well I know your house since you were the one who first brought me here”he said looking at me. “Oh I heard from mary we dated before, but why can’t I remember any moment of it? It’s so strange to me”I said looking at him. “So why do you called me out?”I asked him. He dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out a shining object, it’s a necklace”do you remember this?”he asked showing me the necklace. I looked at him for a while not having any idea of what he’s talking about. “No I don’t”I said looking at the necklace. “What does this have to do with me?”I asked him rolling my eyes”Humph ok let’s do it this way if it will help you remember”he said putting the necklace on for me. He looked into my eyes and held my face up kissing my lips. I closed my eyes for a while,”I think have seen this before but where did I?” I thought to myself. then I suddenly opened my eyes wide. I pushed him back pulling myself from the kiss. “How dare you kissed me?”I said as I landed a slap on his face. He held his face with his hand looking at me in surprise. I think I went overboard by slapping him.

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