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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 30
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He looked at me confused for a while”nicky why are you like this?”he asked me holding my hand. I released my hand from him looking straight at him”hey you can’t just touch people you don’t know anyhow you like”I said looking at him. “Nicky who am I?”vick said moving closer to me. Victor, mary and sammy. I said looking at them as I mentioned their names. “And he’s…”I looked at him strangely. Am just seeing his face for the first time, maybe he’s their new friend. “Who is he?”asked Sammy since he refuses to tell me. they all stared at me speechless.

Mick’s POV

Is she doing that on purpose? I think this joke is expensive. I moved closer to her”nicky it’s me mick”I said looking at her. “Oh you’re mick. Ok nice meeting you”she said smiling. “What!”I heard victor shout. “Mick she’s still very sick, let’s call the doctor quickly”vick said whispering to my ear. “Ok get some rest we’ll be back later”sammy said helping her lie back on the bed. They all went outside except me. I looked back at her again, she was giving me some kind of look like wont-you-leave. Why am I the only one she didn’t remember? I thought to myself looking at her”Won’t you follow your friends?”she said to me. I slowly opened the door and went out. I met the rest outside and we all went to the doctor’s office. The doctor told use she have amnesia but she will recover all her memories back in time. The reason she can’t remember me is because,i left a painful memory with her. We left the hospital and we all went home. I can’t get some sleep at home, I think about what the doctor said back in the hospital. Until when will she remember me? I thought to my self as I rolled on my bed unable to close my eyes.

Mia’s POV

My mum came to the hospital with my little brother ken. She brought a lunch box along with her. “Are you alright?”she asked placing the box on the stood beside me.”yes mom am fine”i said looking at her. My little brother came to me holding a small pack. He held my hand with his two tiny hands. “Nicky come back home huh, I miss your nagging”he said looking at me. I patted his head gently”ok my little prince”I said smiling. He gave me the small pack”you love eating chocolates. here I brought some for you”he said handing the little pack to me. “Thank you my little prince”I said smiling. “What happened in school the day of your accident?”my mum asked looking at me. “I can’t remember what happened, that day”I said looking confused. “You were brought here together with a guy from your school. Both of you were injured”my mum said looking at me. I have no idea of what she’s talking about. I can’t remember why am in the hospital. And the guy who is he? I thought to myself “That’s ok dear, just eat for now”she said opening the box. My mum and ken went home late because of me.
After two days in the hospital, I was discharged and my dad came to pick me from the hospital.
I went to school after three days of being home. Mary used to come visit me after school before I also finally resumed back to school.
Mary went to use the toilet. I sat alone in the class plugging air peace to both ear listening to music with a cup of coffee placed on my table. The class was too noisy. Suddenly, Someone plugged the air peace out from my ears. I looked up to see a girl, she’ll be around my age not that pretty. She was looking at me weirdly,from her look I can see she did that purposely. How can some people not have respect for others? I said in my mind standing up from my seat. “Hey who are you to do that?”I asked her looking straight into her eyes. “What? Hey?”she said smiling. And that annoys me more”do you have the right to smile?”I Asked looking at her. “Nicky are you hurt in the head or what? How dare you talk back at me”she said sounding more annoying to me. “From your words, I can see you don’t have manners at all. I will show you how to talk to others next time”I said picking up the coffee on my desk. I splashed the whole coffee on her face, then threw the plastic cup at her. “What is this!”she screamed looking down at her body. I don’t like this type of people, They picked on others for fun. She looked at me angrily”you will pay for this nicky”she said looking at me. I moved closer to her”what will I pay for? You started this, not me”I said looking at her. The whole class was silent looking at us. Who is this girl? Is she the one mary told me about? I thought to my self. She moved closer to me trying to hit me but I grabbed her hair instead. She screamed out holding my hand”let me go nicky”she said screaming. “You should learn your manners. Don’t pick on other students for fun anymore ok. And next time you show that ugly face before me again, I will pull out all your hair”I said yelling at her. I finally released her pushing her to the ground. She looked up at me panting seriously from the way I pulled her hair”Whooooooo”I heard some students screaming. I plugged back the air peace to my ears walking out of the class. I pushed her to the side with my leg. And walked out on her. I saw mary at the entrance of the classroom,she was smiling at me and shaking her head in agreement. I got to her and we both moved out.
We sat on a bench close the school field. We were both holding a snacks in our hands. “You truly don’t remember mia?”she asked looking at me. “That girl from earlier is mia?”I asked her surprisingly. “Wow you were so bold back there. I thought you were another person for a sec”she said smiling at me. “So that’s the mia you were talking about? I thought she will be someone more prettier than me but she looks so dumb and ugly. Is she even a human”I said. “Ah ah ah ah ah”Mary and I laughed out loud. sammy, vick and the guy from the hospital came to us. “So happy to see you in school nicky”vick said sitting beside me. I smiled at him. Sammy looked at me not saying anything. “Are you not happy to see me?”I asked sammy. “Why will I not be happy to see my friend”he said smiling. “Hy mick”I said looking at the guy beside sammy. They were all surprised, the looked at me strangely. The guy moved more closer to me and held my hands”nicky do you remember me?”he asked looking at me. “Yes I remembered you”I said.

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