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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 29
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I cried holding the letter in my hand”nicky pls you can’t do this to me”I said crying. I rushed out of the classroom and stood at the school compound looking around for her, but I can’t find her anywhere. I saw someone at the rooftop, standing at the edge of it. I was standing a little far from it but,I can see her image. I quickly ran there to stop her, I climbed the stairs very fast and was breathing heavily. I finally got to the roof top and I can see her back view. She’s trying to commit suicide by jump off. Before I could stop her…

Nicky’s POV

I stood there looking around the whole school compound. I remembered all the times I spent with mary, sammy, Victor and most especially mick. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I recalled all this memories. I moved forward to the edge and if I should take a step again, I will turn to thing of past. “Nicky stop! You can’t please”I heard Mick’s voice behind me. I turned back slowly to see if it was really him. Where I am standing is like two steps down from where mick is. “Don’t please”he begged me with tears in his eyes. I looked at him with tears rolling down my cheek”I think am hallucinating now that am about to die. Am now seeing mick again”I said smiling at him. I turned back and tried to jump off, but someone pulled me back and I fell back from the top. We both fell and landed on some desks packed together at the right corner of the rooftop. He protected me with his body as the desks fell on us. “Wake up nicky. Please get yourself together”he said shaking me roughly. I can see his face covered with blood as I was also injured badly. “Mick?”I said looking at him with my eyes half closed. “Yes it’s me. Please forgive me. am really sorry. I love you nicky”he said with tears in his eyes. He rested my head on his laps . “Mick it’s really you”i said smiling at him. I placed my hand on his face wiping the tears from it.”it’s ok. I love you too”i said looking at him. Suddenly everywhere was blacked out.

Three days later…..
At the hospital….

Mick’s POV

I went to the room she was in, and she was still unconscious. She has been on that bed for the past three days now, without opening her eyes. Her face has some scratches from the accident at the rooftop. I sat beside her and looked at her closely. I touched her face gently”get well soon nicky, and bring everything out on me. Please am begging you to wake up soon”I said looking at her. I lean in and kissed her forehead gently. I raised up my head and looked at her again before going. I saw tears dripping down from her closed eyes. I wiped it off with my hand and got up to leave. Vick, sammy and her friend mary. came in as I was about to move out. “How is she doing now?”vick asked looking at her. “She is still unconscious”I replied. Mary moved closer to her kneeling beside her in tears”am sorry nicky. Please forgive me”she said holding her hand. I saw her fingers moving and I quickly moved closer. “Are you awake?”I asked looking at her closed eyes. Mary also noticed her hand moving as she held her hand. “She’s moving her fingers”mary said looking at us.


Mia’s POV

I opened my eyes Slowly and noticed someone holding my hand. I moved my face gently to the side and saw mary with tears in her eyes. I saw sammy and vick beside her looking at me. With the looks in there eyes, I can see all Is not well. A guy came rushing to me”Nicky are you awake?”he asked holding me. I can still feel little pains in my head. He moved closer to me and hugged me. “Thank you for waking up”he said looking at me. He released me and looked straight into my eyes”am very sorry nicky. Please forgive me”he said looking sad. “Who are you? Why are you sorry towards me?”I asked him looking confused. His expression changed immediately like someone who is surprise to hear that from me.

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