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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 28
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I asked her looking confused.”am just saying it, I don’t know anything about it. What I know is that they have been dating behind you all this time”she said looking at me. “So you need to forget her and move on ok”she said and walked out on me. I stood there for a while feeling betrayed. I walked towards my class and saw sammy on my way. He stopped on getting to me”why are you treating nicky that way?”he asked me looking angry. “It has nothing to do with you so, stay out of it”I said looking at him. “It has something to do with me, because I can’t watch you hurt her or make her cry again. I let go of her for you because you’re my friend but, is this all you can do for her?”he said in anger. “What do you mean, you let her go for me?”I asked him looking confused. “Yes I also love her but when you guys started dating, I backed off because, I don’t want to hurt your feelings”he replied. I looked at him as he talked and don’t know what to say. “But seeing you act this way towards her, what do you expect me to do?”he asked looking at me. He walked out on me Angrily. And I also went to the class

Few weeks later…..

Nicky’s POV

I stood on the rooftop trying to end the painful life of mine.

Mick and I have not make up, For like a month now. And each day without him feel like hell to me. I can’t really get over him seriously. And mia makes everything hard on me each day in school sometimes mia and her gangs will throw rotten milk and some dirt on me. They made my life more miserable and hard. She turned Mary’s back on me already framing me up for what I didn’t do. and mary and I are not in good terms anymore. I feel like ending my own life already but, am I not too selfish? I only thought about my self and don’t think about how my family will feel if am gone. I stood there looking down the floor am about to jump to.

Mick’s POV

I was walking on the field looking at places where nicky and I had walked on before. I flashed back to the time we first met, and moments we spent together. I remember when I dragged her from her class asking her to date me and the time I put on the necklace for her. I remembered her beautiful smiles.
I sat on a bench beside the field and buried my face in my palm. I heard some guys discussing”that mia is a bad girl, but I like her because, I easily fall for bad girls”a guy said and the others laughed. I was still burying my face in my palm. “Can you believe what he Asked me to do to a girl because of a guy she loves?”he said and the others asked him what it is. Then he continued, I feel more interested in there discussion as I still buried my face down, for them not to notice me. “She took her friend’s necklace and gave it to me to frame her up with it, and believe me I did exactly as she ordered. That night the girl begged me for the necklace as if her life depend on it, but I don’t give it to her. I think his boyfriend don’t trust his girl also. Nicky or what did she called her name”on hearing all this, I stood up from where I sat and went to him grabbing his collar”repeat what you just said now!”I yelled at him. “Easy guy, you heard it all. I was asked to do all this by mia”he said looking at me. I was very angry that I hit his face really hard making him land on the floor. I got to him and hit him again. I hit his face continuously in anger. Some guys quickly pulled me back and I can see his face smashed with blood. He was groaning painfully on the floor. I freed myself from the guys and walked towards nicky’s class. “Am sorry nicky. Am really sorry for not trusting you enough”I said silently with tears in my eyes. I got to her class and can’t find her there. I opened her locker to see if her bag is still there or maybe she went home already since the school is closed,and there was no one in her class. a note fell from her locker as I opened it, I picked it up and read.

“I hate my life and I think this is the fate I chose. Mick don’t trust me again and who else can trust me ?

I hate the fact that am nicky. I finally plan to take this painful life of mine as I feel so suffocated in this world I am. Am sorry mum, dad and ken. And am sorry to sammy and Victor. And mick I love you so much and you will always be in my heart forever even if am not in this world again,you will be my first and my last love. I thank you for everything you’ve done for me and the sweet memories we shared together.

Thank you. I wish you have a happy life.
good bye.

I read this letter with tears rolling down my cheek I collapsed on my kneel. “Nicky no, you can’t do this to me I also love you so much Nicky. Nicky no!!!

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