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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 27
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I sobbed and wiped the tears on my face with my hand. “Ok if you want it like that, if you want me to stay away from you, that’s ok I will. But I know within me that am Innocent and pure towards you”I said in tears and walked out. I stayed far from the school cafeteria and sat at a corner ,i started crying out loud seriously. “Why is all this happening to me?”I said in whisper still crying. My heart is aching so much that I think am going to die. I cried and hold my chest in pain. After some minutes of crying, I manage to got up and prepare to go to my class, but I collapsed back on the floor and suddenly Everywhere was dark.

Mick’s POV

I wasn’t myself since that day, I sat at the school cafeteria looking Moody and quite. Some girls came to my table to chat with me,but I ignored them all. When I saw her(nicky)coming, I quickly moved closer to the girls around me and started laughing and chatting with them, pretending am ok But, inside me, am extremely sad. She got to me and asked Me to talk to her for a minute, but why will she come to me again after breaking my heart? She kissed another guy right before my eyes. I found it really hard to believe but has she ever truly loves me all this time?. I thought to myself looking at her. I told her I can’t talk to her, and I don’t want her in my life again, I don’t mean those words coming from my mouth. She left in tears. I looked at her until she disappeared out of my sight. I held back my tears as I watched her left and quickly went out of the school cafeteria and took the opposite way of were nicky went. I stood by a wall, resting my back on it. I don’t know where the tears are coming from,”nicky why did you do it? I trusted you all this time but can’t believe you will betray me for another guy”I said silently crying. How can I move on this way? Can I ever love another girl again?

I thought to myself. I must find out more about that guy.

Nicky’s POV

I opened my eyes gently and looked around, I don’t know where I am.”are you awake?”I heard a guy’s voice. I turned my head slowly to look at the guy and I saw this annoying guy beside me. I quickly got up and I feel my head aching seriously,I held it with my hand”why am I here?”I Asked looking at him. “You passed out somewhere and I brought you here so, am your Savior”he replied. I looked at him and rolled my eye. I stood up from the bed and prepare to go out, but he drew me back holding my hand”won’t you pay me for saving you”he said holding me. “Who are you to save me? Can’t you just leave me to die there? Huh, just leave me alone, you caused all this to me”I said and forced my hand from him. I walked out on him and went outside. He followed me out and held my hand again. Then I saw mick passing by, he stop slowly looking at both of us as the guy was still holding hand. He shook his head positively and walked on. I looked at the guy and removed my hand from him.”why are you doing this to me? Why?”I yelled at him with tears in my eyes. I sat on the floor crying out loud, It calls some students attention on us as I cried. “Stop it you’re embarrassing me”he said looking at everyone. “How can he hit a girl”I heard some students saying. “I didn’t hit her”he said to defend himself. I stood up and faced him”the next time you bother me again, I will report you to the school authority”I said with tears in my eyes and walked out on him.

I walked towards my class and saw sammy, he walked up to me and looked at me closely”nicky why are you like this? Your face is all swollen”he said looking worried. “Am a bit sick”I said to him. He moved closer to me and placed his palm on my forehead.”you’re not having fever”he said and removed his palm from my forehead. “Or are you pregnant?”he asked jokingly. “What are you saying?”i said smiling as I hit his shoulder playfully. “You can smile at last”he said looking at me.”what pregnant”i said looking at him. We both laughed out loud.

Mick’s POV

I saw both of them holding hands and I walked on after looking at them for a while. But I can see the looks on nicky’s face, it’s like someone that’s not happy. “Hy mick”I heard someone greeting me. I turned to see this girl called mia. I didn’t bother to stop, I pretend I didn’t hear her. She followed me walking beside me. I stopped for a while and faced her”what do you want?”I asked her in harsh tone, venting the anger on her. She looked at me and moved closer”so are gonna keep this up? Until when are you gonna look at me also? Is she more beautiful than I? Do you know how much I love you?”she said looking at me. I moved closer to her and looked straight into her eyes”I don’t want you, so don’t show yourself before me again”I said and walked out on her”I heard nicky dumped your for another guy, is that true?”she asked mockingly. I stopped for a while and turned back to face her”watch what you say, if you don’t want to regret it later”I said looking at her in anger. “So you find it hard to believe this time also”she said looking at me. I moved closed to her”what do you mean? This time also?”I asked her looking confused”do you have anything to do with this?

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