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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 26
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I regretted all of it with tears in my eyes. I turned to the psycho guy who complicated the matter”why did you do this to me? Did you guys set this up? Why!!!?”I yelled at him. He stretched his hand to me to me, to take it so I can get up. I flung his hand in the air and got up myself. “I think you should come to me now, since he just dumped you”he said smiling. I got more angry and landed a slap on his face. He held his face with his hand and looked back at me. “I will just take this for losing your boyfriend because of me, but don’t try that again” He said sounding more annoying to me. I looked at him and wiped off my tear with my hand”you won’t get away with this, I promise you”I said looking straight into his eyes. I walked out on him in anger.

I got to the room and saw susan and mia playing game with there phones, And I saw mary on the bed sleeping already. I looked at susan and mia in anger and went to the bathroom, I came back later with a bowl of water in my hand. I moved closer to them and poured the water on them on the bed.”what the hell is this?”mia said standing up. She looked at me and dropped her wet phone on the bed. Before she could say another word I slapped her face so hard. “Why did you guys do that to me?”I asked shouting on top of my voice in anger. I moved closer to slap her again but she held my hand and pushed me to the ground. Susan stood up and faced me”what have we done wrong dear?”she asked looking at me. I looked at both of them in anger with tears in my eyes. “Ow why are you crying sweety?”mia said as she bend down and wipe my tears with her rotten fingers. I moved her hand from my face panting in anger. “What did you guys do to her”mary asked them standing beside me. She helped me up on my feet and looked back at susan in anger”I know you guys are planning something bad from the start, what have you guys done to her this time?”mary asked looking at them. But they didn’t respond to her. “It’s ok mary”I said holding her arm. She took me to my bed and told me we will talk better in the morning.

We prepare to leave for home, the school trip is over. Students are packing their stuffs and preparing for home. Mary and I had packed our stuffs and stood by a tree closed to the bus. I told her how susan set me up yesterday night. She was surprised to hear all of it. “I told you not to trust susan, she is evil just like mia”she said looking at me in pity. We were still discussing when Sammy and vick came to us. “Hey girls”Sammy greeted in his usual tone. “Hy”mary replied smiling at them. “Nicky what happened? What’s with your face? Did someone hit you?”vick asked teasing me. “It’s nothing”I said putting on a fake smile.

“Everybody should get inside the bus now”our ethic teacher said standing at the entrance of the bus. “Let’s go guys”Sammy said. I looked around but can’t find mick anywhere. So we went inside the bus. I got to the bus and saw him at the back of the seat,he plugged air peace into his ear listening to music I guess. he closed his eyes leaning his head backward on the seat. He looks more handsome while sleeping. Sammy lead us to the back seat where mick was sitting. Sammy sat beside him while I sat beside sammy, and so did vick and mary. “Sleeping so early huh”sammy said removing the air Peace from his ear. He opened his eye and looked at sammy, but our eyes met and he quickly looked back at sammy. “Why disturbing me?”he asked sammy not smiling. He looked at me again and stood up. He went to the third seat in the front and sat alone. I feel really sad to see him act that way. I looked at him feeling so bad. “What’s wrong with him?”vick asked looking at him as he sat separately. Sammy looked at me and saw how sad I look”are you guys fighting?”he Asked on seeing the expression on my face. I looked at him and stared away. “I think so”vick said looking at me. We left the place and went back to school.

two weeks later…..

Ever since mick left me, I don’t feel ok and am always thinking about him every day and night. Anytime he sees me In school he will ignore me as if am a stranger. I find it hard to cope with everyday.

Today I saw him at the school cafeteria with some girls chatting and laughing, I think he his happy without me and he doesn’t care about anything that have to do with me anymore, I think he’s moving on without me. I took the courage to go to him ignoring the girls around him. “Mick pls we need to talk, can you give me a minute”I requested looking at him. His expression changed immediately he saw me”go away, what do I need to listen from you again? Lies?”he asked in anger. “Please just hear me out, we need to talk privately”I said pleading him. He stood up from where he was sitting and faced me”leave me alone nicky! What do you want from me?”he yelled at me thereby, calling everyone’s attention on us. I feel so embarrassed but I kept it in. “Please you should at least hear me out”I said pleading him more. “I don’t need anything from you again because I told you we’re done with each other already, and as you can see am moving on without you”he said looking at me. I looked at him more surprised as everyone’s attention was on me as he talked. “Don’t be a sticky girl and get the hell out of my life nicky”he shouted on me. It seems mick don’t really loves me anymore, he’s not the cute, handsome and caring Mick I once know again. I looked at him as tears rolled down my cheek uncontrollably.

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