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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 25
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I moved closer to him grabbing him by the collar”who Are you? What do you have to do with nicky?”I asked in anger. “Are you gonna hit me again? Go ahead it’s not like it’s your first time hitting me”he said smiling. I think I remembered, this guy was the guy from my birthday, the one trying to kiss nicky forcefully. I looked him in anger and dropped his collar. He dusted his cloth and faced me”am the one nicky love, not you. She was just playing around with you for a while, she will come back to me when she’s done with you”he said looking at me. I know that’s not true, nicky loves me like I do love her and she can never do anything that will hurt my feelings. “You’re wrong nicky loved me and will never chose anyone over me. Is that clear? Now get lost”I said to him in anger. “I think you should confirm that yourself”he said smiling. “Come to the end of the field by 8:00pm and let me show you something interesting”he said looking at me. He walked on not looking back. I was so confused I don’t know what to do anymore as I looked at the necklace. So I called nicky and asked about the necklace again and she told me it’s with her. Is she lying to me? Did she really left it at his place? Many thoughts ran through my head. I will meet him at the field by 8:00 and see what he have to show me.

Nicky’s POV

I went inside the room and searched for it again, but I still can’t find it. Mick called me and asked about it, I told him it was with me because I believe I will find it somewhere in the room before seeing him again tomorrow. mary told me she wants to meet Victor. And I was the only one in the room. Susan came in later in the night. and saw me looking for something. “What are you looking for?”she asked moving close to me. I think I should let her know maybe she can be of any help to me. “I lost my necklace, have you seen it?” I asked her. “How does it look?”she asked me, and I described it to her. She said she think she saw it somewhere. I quickly moved to her and asked where she saw it. She said I should follow her which I obeyed without thinking twice. She took me to the end of the field. I looked around wondering why she took me there”why are we here” I asked her looking confused. “You wants to find your necklace right?”she asked looking at me. “Yes I wants to find it”I replied feeling more impatient. A guy came to us.”he’s here, he had you necklace with him”she said leaving. “Where are you going to”I asked her. “I will be right back, you guys should talk”she said and left. I cleared my throat and looked at him”who are you?”I asked looking at him like a stranger. “I think I’ve seen your face somewhere, do you know me?”I asked looking at him closely. “I don’t”he said briefly moving his face to the side. “Do you have my necklace with you?”I asked him. But he only looks at me wieldy. “Why? don’t you have it?”I asked him again. “Yes I have it with me”he said dipping his hand into his pocket. I was very happy, at last I can have my necklace back. But how does he found it? Does it dropped on the floor somewhere? This is so strange to me because I remembered dropping it on my dress. I thought to my self expecting him to bring it out. He was looking at something behind me. But who care? I only want the necklace back. He stopped for a while and asked me to close my eyes. I was like why do I have to close my eyes. “Why?” I asked him. “Just obey me If you want your necklace”he said. I looked at him for a while and obeyed him by closing my eyes. But I felt something soft on my lips and I quickly opened my eyes wide. He kissed me?, is he crazy? I tried to free myself from him but I can’t because he held me so tight. “Nicky what the hell are you doing?”I heard Mick’s voice behind me and I quickly forced myself from the guy. I turned back and saw mick. “Wh…a.t are y..ou doing here?”I asked him shaking in fear. “I can’t believe you can do this to me nicky, I trusted you with all my heart. Why did you betrayed me?”he shouted angrily. I don’t know how to explain this situation for him to understand me. “Mick this a misunderstanding, please let me explain”I said moving closer to him. “Why did you do it? You lied to me that you have your necklaces with you, can you show me right now?”he asked looking angry. But I can’t show him because I don’t have it with me. “Mick give me a chance to explain”I said almost in tears. “It’s over between us nicky, I don’t want you in my life anymore”he said with tears in his eyes and walked out on us. I collapsed on the floor in tears watching him as he left,it felt like my heart is been ripped apart. Tears rolled down my cheek uncontrollably I have never seen him this angry before. What should do now? How would I explain the kiss he saw with his own eyes? Why did I lie to him in the first place? And why did I trusted Susan?

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